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Poems By Serray BahThe African Dream Poem - ‘Beautiful Tears’ By Serray Bah

The African Dream Poem – ‘Beautiful Tears’ By Serray Bah

Beautiful Tears – A poem by Serray Bah

Sounds we make no more
All the animals could offer now is their skin and fur
Let The Rolling Stones roll
Let the raining tears pour
And let the pain continue ripping the hearts
Yet we stand out with beautiful crying faces

We’ve being here for too long
Silent tears making us strong
What we have in our heart is too heavy
Sadly,no one see’s this nor tried helping us
Are we cursed or just unworthy souls

We were the creeping giants
Across the hills of troubles and temptation
So many lost their ways hoping to be found
Others buried to the ground until their voices could resist no more

We tend to fall every time we want to rise
Giving up is not an option
Tears that we’ve shed on our pillows every night
Will one day be the start that shines bright throughout the darkness
But all these confrontations would gladly be told one day

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