Season Three of ‘On the Spot With Stella’ Hosted by Popular TV Host Stella Bangura Launched With A Dinner

Popular TV host and media personality, Stella Bangura, famously known for her talk show “On the Spot With Stella”, launched and held a dinner for season three of her most popular TV show “On the Spot With Stella” at El Greco Restaurant in Freetown.

The event was held on Saturday June 22 2024, with notable TV and media personalities, and states personnel like Samuel Wise Bangura, Andrew Lavalli, Mamadi Gobeh Kamara, Patrick Sandy, Dr. Adonis Aboud, Tony Morgan, Joe Abass Bangura, and many more in attendance.

Dr. Alice Adegboyega gave the opening remarks during the event. In her opening remarks, Dr. Alice said, “this is an event that is not really common and I want to thank God for Stella for her persistence and bringing us together in the continuity of this program”.

“Tonight you’re going to see the season three of On the Spot With Stella,” she continued.

During the dinner and launching of season three of On the Spot With Stella, testimonies were given by former interviewees on the previous seasons like Nicky Spencer Coker.

Host Samuel Wise Bangura

Sponsors of season three of On the Spot With Stella were also given the opportunity to discuss about their role in the new season.

Patrick Sandy, Director of Public Education and Outreach at the Anti Corruption Commission, Sierra Leone was on the podium to represent the Commission as one of the sponsors.

“On behalf of the leadership of the Anti Corruption Commission, I want to say we are pleased to be here tonight,” he said.

Sandy continued by saying the Commission is pleased to continue supporting On the Spot With Stella since the start of season two and now season three.

He emphasizes on the importance of the sponsorship, which they (the Commission) have been using as a channel to reach out to Sierra Leoneans.

“We have seen this platform as very important to our messages that we convey, our anti-corruption messages, the dangers of corruption, the achievements we’ve made and also to solicit public support in the fight against corruption,” said Sandy.

Sandy ended by extending the Commission’s gratitude to Stella for using her platform to promote the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone.

“So I must say we are very grateful to Stella because she has given us the opportunity to always use her platform to send out our messages. Thank you very much,” he concluded.

Other sponsors like the National Minerals Agency and Staco Insurance Company were also given the platform to speak about their roles and responsibilities. They expressed their reasons for becoming sponsors.

The Managing Director of Staco Insurance Company, Adekunle Michael Aderinola said it was easy for Staco to sponsor Stella because of her star power in the media and journalism world, and her pedigree she brings to the profession.

Stella, who is not a new name in the media and journalism industry in Sierra Leone, has won numerous awards and nominations. She was once the co-host of Wake Up Sierra Leone, a duplicate of Good Morning America.

“For Staco, we think that with Stella, it is certain we will get very good value for money and that is why we sponsor and I’m sure other co-sponsors enjoy the same,” said Aderinola.

Stella Bangura is the founder and CEO of On the Spot Limited, a media company offering communication, branding, and media production services.

She also serves as the Executive Producer and host of the ‘On the Spot with Stella’ TV show. Previously, she co-hosted “Wake Up Sierra Leone” at AYV TV and held various roles at the Africa Young Voices Media Empire (AYV) TV for over three years.

With a media career spanning over a decade, Stella Bangura is a renowned media entrepreneur, award-winning TV Presenter, MC, Breast Cancer Awareness advocate, and international ex-beauty queen. She’s a regular guest on the BBC program “Business Matters.”

Stella’s accolades include awards like Best Female TV Personality of the Year at the National Entertainment Awards (NEA), recognition as one of the 100 Most Influential Professionals and Young Leaders in Africa, and inclusion in the 50 Most Influential Business Leaders in Africa, among others.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583

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