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Interswitch and Sierra Leone Commercial Bank Partner to Revolutionize Payment Solutions

Interswitch, Africa's leading technology-driven company specializing in innovative payment and digital solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Sierra Leone Commercial Bank (SLCB), one of Sierra Leone's premier financial institutions. 

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Black History

Vel Phillips – The First African American Woman To Graduate From The University of Wisconsin Law School

Velvalea Hortense Rodgers "Vel" Phillips was an American lawmaker and politician who was the first African American woman to graduate from the University of...

Prudencia Ayala: The First Woman To Run For President In EL Salvador and Latin America

Prudencia Ayala was a renowned writer, activist, and women's rights campaigner in El Salvador. She was a black woman of afro-indigenous descent who was...

How Mansa Musa Nearly Bankrupted Egypt and Crashed its Economy

Mansa Musa ruled the Kingdom of Mali from 1312 to 1337. At the time of Musa's ascension to the throne, Mali consisted of the...

Nwanyeruwa – The Nigerian Woman Who Led A Nationwide Revolution Against British Colonialism

Nwanyeruwa was an Igbo woman from southeastern Nigeria during the colonial era who organized and led 10,000 Nigerian women to protest against the exploitative...
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Hello Africans, God will not help you! Part 1 – Israel Goodnews Balogun

One of Nigeria's most popular critics on the ills of faith and its contradictions and misrepresentation weighs in on the continual social challenges bothering...
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Dancehall Singer Jaaje Horace sets to release her new single “Magical Vybe”

Sierra Leonean female dancehall singer Jaaje Horace who had been on the news after the release of her debut song “Chronic” which was the talk of the town in the country and Africa securing a spot on Paran TV is set to release her new single Magical Vybe.

Editor's Pick

11 things you need to know about Patrice Motsepe, Africa’s first Black billionaire

Patrice Motsepe is a billionaire from South Africa with a $2.7 billion net worth. At the age of 46, he became the first Black African to appear on Forbes' list of world billionaires in 2008. Additionally, he is the first billionaire industrialist from South Africa.


Sierra Leonean Innovator Margaret Yainkain Mansaray Shortlisted For The 2023 Africa Prize For Engineering Innovation

Out of 15 African innovators, Sierra Leonean innovator and founder of Smart Green Stove, Margaret Yainkain Mansaray has been shortlisted for 2023 UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation.

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