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Human interest21-year-old Nigerian built a sports car that runs on an automatic engine

21-year-old Nigerian built a sports car that runs on an automatic engine

A 21-year-old Nigerian, Amalu Chikamso, with no college education, has built a sports car that runs on an automatic engine.

The brilliant man said people thought he was crazy when he went from trash to trash to collect scrap materials for the vehicle. Amalu Chikamso became popular online after building a prototype sports car, he said a lot of people thought he was crazy. In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Amalu Chikamso said that when he was building his first prototype, he was always going from dump to dump looking for materials, which made his sanity questionable.

The 21-year-old said he had dreamed of building his first car since he was a child playing with plastic to make toy cars. Chikamso added that every time he went to school he went to a landfill to choose materials for his creation, adding that he never received any support. Growing up, he started dreaming of building something real. In 2013, he built a prototype helicopter.

When he mounted his car, he placed a manual Gulf vehicle engine in it which he then reversed. He couldn’t replace him because there was no money. Using 10 months to build the car, the young man said he was almost frustrated and wanted to interrupt the whole process.

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