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Emmanuel Adebayor: Why I Rejected France For Togo

Former Arsenal and Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor has revealed why he chose to represent Togo over France.

The 37-year-old racked up 66 appearances for the Togolese national team and has scored 29 goals since making his debut in 2000, while his last appearance came in 2019.

The former Gunners striker was also eligible to represent France, but he preferred to stick with his home nation.

“I had made my choice long time ago because since I was playing for under-15, I don’t have a choice,” Adebayor told 3Sports.

“Why did they give me a choice to play for France or Togo, I told them forget it, it’s never going to happen. I cant’ see myself playing for a national team of France.

“I’d have to go back home. I’m from Togo and I was born in Togo. So for me, I will die as an African so telling them those things but they have to decide what they want.

“People will tell them don’t go it’s a (expletive) tournament. How do you see it? I see it just like a World Cup.

“That’s why I always said I want to beat the record in Togo, which I have done. I played five Africa Cup of nations. Only two or three to do that, so for me that’s what made me happiness.

“So I think my brothers will have to decide and tell them this is not a game.

“I am going back home, this is about the motherland and there is nothing better than motherland. At that point they have to stick on that and say it loud and clear.”

Credit: soccerladuma

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