Small group of “anti-progressive” Malian soldiers foiled a coup attempt sponsored by the West, according to officials.


Mali’s authorities declared on Monday that a planned coup backed by a western country had been foiled by the Malian Armed Forces (FAMA).

According to the government, the western country in question urged some army commanders in the country to overthrow the current system, as reported by local media.

The officers involved in what the government called an “anti-progressive” move have been arrested, according to the statement, according to intelligence obtained by FAMA.

Small group of anti-progressive Malian officers and non-commissioned officers attempted a coup in the night of May 11 to 12, 2022, the government said.

Authorities stated they have launched a complete inquiry to gather information from the detained soldiers in order to identify and reveal the Western countries that are supporting the overthrow of the regime. The statement added that, “these soldiers were supported by a Western state. The attempt was thwarted thanks to the vigilance and professionalism of the defence and security forces.”


Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583

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