17-year-old South African, Buhle Gotsha, Launched His Own Watch Company Called ‘Ericsson Dorra’

Buhle Gotsha is a 17-year-old South African from the province of KwaZulu-Natal who launched his own wrist watch company called Ericsson Dorra.

Ericsson Dorra was established in August 2022. The company was named after Buhle Gotsha’s parents (Eric and Theodorra). Gotsha’s dream of starting his own company began last year in August. As a person who has a keen interest in fashion, Buhle wanted to start a company that has a correlation with the world of fashion.

Buhle Gotsha’s initial wish was to launch a clothing brand but he realized that there were many hands engaged in that type of business. “I wanted to start a company that had something to do with fashion, so I first thought of starting a clothing brand but then as time went by I realized that there are already a lot of people who are starting their own clothing brand and I wanted to be different”, the 17-year-old entrepreneur told The African Dream.

As a result, Buhle ventured into Watch accessories and created his brand. Given that he was a bit inexperienced in kickstarting a business idea, he became self-taught by doing research about how to start a business, an insight about watches including the different intricacies of its design. “I stayed up till its midnight doing my research.”

An Ericcson Dorra Watch

Ericcson Dorra specializes in selling Mechanical watches, which are a special type of watches that do not use battery but yet keep spinning. Mechanical watches requires you to wind them regularly to keep working. “This allows you to build connection between you and your watch since it’s relying on you to keep working and you’re relying on it to be updated on the time”, Buhle Gotsha said to The African Dream

A Mechanical Watch from Ericcson Dorra

Gotsha expressed he was a bit reluctant in starting his company because a lot of people discouraged on the premise of how unrealistic they felt his dream was. Nevertheless, Ericcson Dorra is up and running as a startup with the potential of going worldwide. There are plans to have the products available in countries in Africa and Europe, he told The African Dream. Buhle Gotsha said he is working on it.

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

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