After 39 years in a coma, The Franco-Senegalese Jean-Pierre Adams has died

Plunged into a deep coma since 1982, following a failed operation, the Franco-Senegalese and former captain of the France team, Jean-Pierre Adams died this Monday morning.

Jean-Pierre Adams, who passed through Olympique de Nîmes (1970-73), OGC Nice (1973-77) and PSG (1977-79), is no more. “Jean-Pierre Adams left this morning at the CHU de Nîmes”, announces Jacques Vendroux, who had written a letter to Bernadette Adams, wife of Jean-Pierre Adams, in the midst of the Vincent Lambert affair, two years ago.

” The Black Guard”

Victim of a medical error during anaesthesia, Jean-Pierre Adams fell into a deep coma 39 years ago, in 1982, after a benign knee operation. Prisoner of his vegetative state for all these years, the former French international (22 selections), born in Dakar, Senegal, left us definitively this Monday, September 6 at the age of 73 years.

Former international central defender, Jean-Pierre Adams (22 caps) marked the history of the rooster logo through his association with Marius Trésor. The two men formed in the 70s a formidable duo nicknamed “the blackguard”.

Having become one of the best saves in the world, Adams had lost his place in the selection after the arrival of Michel Hidalgo at the head of the Blues. In March 1982, he took advantage of his life as a retired foot worker after a last experience in D2 in Mulhouse when an injury after all trivial sent him to the hospital. He will never wake up again.

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