Delvid Stanley-Coker’s Op-Ed: An Insensible Piece Of Gesture – Dying Vida’s Family Rejected Valuable Token For Misplaced Morality

If I were at a point of losing the fight to infamous sleep after the occurrence of a car accident, and the doctor insists that my most despised ex’s blood was crucial to my survival, then I will discard all sense of pride for fortitude.

Social Media almost dissipated into ultimate collapse yesterday when Mbaimba Moiforay’s financial help for the weak and pale Vida was declined. Vida Green, a Sierra Leonean artiste, has been sick for a while. Months ago, a GoFundMe account was set up to raise the stated sum of $10,000 for her surgical operation and medical requirements. The news of her deplorable health status spread like wildfire eventually capturing the notice of the First Lady, who agreed to holistically foot every part of the bill. Till the part of time where Fake Degrees became a topic on everyone’s lips, there isn’t a clear explanation of how that panned out. 

Mbaimba Moiforay, widely known as LAC, is an unsung individual within the spectrum of the public eye. Incarcerated for manslaughter charges, he already has a disreputable personality. Perhaps you might want to call him a fugitive after a reward was promised to any individual bearing information for his rearrest. Well, he has turned a blank leaflet from the visual Satanist aura he possesses to a rather compassionate and religiously mawkish fellow, eventually attaining the sarcastic title of “Pastor.”

Aside from the attention of the First Lady, the continual persistent plea for Vida’s medical help gathered the curiosity of LAC. He did a live video promising to take up every inch of medical burden and welfare. A willing pledge of $5000 was posited by the infamous and generally perceived herbalist. He also agreed to send additional funds to the family of the singer. The LAC dubbed package also included financial assistance for prisoners and the physically challenged.

In less than a fortnight, for such a hefty sum, the notes were transferred to the family of the unwell Vida. The unsung overwhelmingly became the topic of praise chants and gratitude, even though there was a taste of skepticism from some percentage of the public.

Probably, the misplaced meaning of morality or the vista of deliberation from the public was responsible for the shocking action, but the money transferred for the urgent health revival of Vida was hastily declined.

It might be that the family had wanted nothing to do with what they think is “Blood Money” from an individual believed to be a bloody ritualist. Muslims may call it “Haram.”


Read my opening statement of illustration. I can bet you will do the same. More like America’s foe in Russia willingly shifts pride aside for the benefit of their oil and gas.

As far as the world speaks, there are but few individuals who earn their money innocently. Of course, politicians can never be one of them; but look how well we panhandle after their favors and financial assistance. Had it been a politician seeking to establish contact with Vida’s family, the drama would have had a distinct twist.

The Leone notes with me have always been in circulation. They have been held by the most heathen of humans around the country. Maybe they were transited as part of a deal for human trafficking. However, these notes are used for my day-to-day transactions. Don’t tell me that they can disperse any good fortune for bad luck. It isn’t a vintage Nollywood movie.

The whole episode involving the whole murder of Sydney Buckle (DJ Cleff) is convoluted and complex. There may be more to the actual authenticity of it. Yes! It is possible.

Therefore, I would grab the hand of my worst enemy for safety than drown in the bottomless ocean. Vida’s family took the wrong approach.


One of Colombia’s most notorious drug lords, Pablo Escobar, was so deadly that it is reported he killed over 4,000 people. He was the top target of many anti criminal agencies across the world.

Nevertheless, the murderous, hateful, sadistic, and terminator demon in him never surpassed his humanity and philanthropy. He built stadiums, proper housing for the poor, and hospitals. He even spearheaded the financial wellbeing of local football clubs. His philanthropic nature earned him the famous title of “Robinhood.”

The beneficiaries of those compassionate reject the offer. It is obvious that they registered the idea that these amenities were paramount at the moment. Nothing else matters. Afterwards, they were in need of them and their presence was vital.

The declination of an olive branch because the handler had a terrible life journey marred with controversies is not a pragmatic decision.

The Green family’s move was an unconscious decision. If anything unusual and less wishful arises, they bear the greatest stake in the problem. Swallow any hindrance and spit out malice for a trip to safe haven and worries. Use that money and bade life to Vida.


Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

Delvid Stanley-Coker is a dedicated writer and editor for The African Dream. His passion and desire to publicize the appreciable department of Africa and voice out the prevalent ills of society have adequately contributed to the promulgation of stories of different sorts. Email: WhatsApp: +23276737886 Facebook: Delvid Stanley-Coker.