Hadi Usman: The 67-year-old Nigerian man who invented a cooking stove that runs on water

Have you ever seen a cooking stove that runs on water? Or have you heard of a 67-year-old doing the unthinkable? Well, In Gombe State, Northern region of Nigeria, a 67-year-old man named Hadi Usman has done the unthinkable by inventing a cooking stove that runs on water. YES! water. But the puzzle question still remains: ‘what prompted 67-year-old Hadi Usman to invent a cooking stove that uses water and air pressure to generate fire’?

Necessity is the mother of invention

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Well, in Nigeria there has been a hike in cooking gas prices even though the country has the largest natural gas reserves in Africa. According to the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Nigeria has proven gas deposits of 206.53 trillion cubic feet, ninth in the world. For Hadi Usman, this is an opportunity for him to prove to the world that old people in Africa can also solve real-life problems affecting society. Hadi Usman is a resident of the Jekadafari area of Gombe State, Northern Nigeria. He has been inventing and innovating cool and uncommon kinds of stuff in the past. The 67-year-old is known for his remarkable innovation in putting together a radio transmitter and running a community radio station which he did On 23rd January 1980.

Hadi Usman is an electronic technician. He told reporters that his desire to invent the stove was to subsidize the cost of using kerosene and gas amidst the rise in the price of cooking gas despite the economic hardship in the country. Hadi Usman calls on the federal government of the Republic of Nigeria to assist him in mass-producing his water-powered cooking stove in order to reduce the adverse effects that the rising price of cooking gas has on Nigerians.

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I wish relevant institutions and bodies can support towards patenting the project for mass production to at least help the without buying kerosene or gas to cook their food by using water.

Hadi Usman

The 67-year-old said since the broadcast of his latest invention he has received over 500 calls. Multiple reports on Mr Usman’s invention said it has attracted global attention from the US, Germany and other countries amid calls for national recognitions from tertiary institutions across Nigeria and also the government.

Watch Hadi Usman video here

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

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