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Isah Auwal-Barde: 17 years old Nigerian teenager from Kano State invents robot using exoskeleton remote controlĀ 

Isah Auwal-Barde, age 17, from Kano State in Nigeria has invented a robot that works with a robotic exoskeleton remote control.

It took me two years to invent the robot using local materials like DC motors, copper wires, pipes, corrugated cardboard as well as metal, among others, and the robot works with electricity. I want to be a robotics engineer so that I can be producing robots that can be used in addressing security challenges bedevilling the country

Isah Auwal-Barde

Isah Auwal-Barde graduated from Government Secondary School (GSS), Sabuwar-Kofa, Kano, in 2021 and obtained seven credits in science subjects in the West African Examination Council (WAEC). The young and talented teenager has always been a lover of robots since childhood. His passion for creativity and innovation started long ago and has been building up creative devices since childhood.

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His current innovation took him two years to complete. Because he could not afford the materials to build the robot, Isah started to collect local materials from the streets and mechanic workshops. He used 100% local materials and waste to build the robot which works with an exoskeleton remote control, a system of controlling a robot by the person operating it through demonstration with parts of his body.

Isah is not the only person on his journey of innovation and creativity. His father has been very supportive of his work. He is basically his son’s motivation as he always motivates him to not give up and that one day he will become a robotic engineer in the future.

I have been giving him words of encouragement and telling him that he will become a robotics engineer in future. And whenever our electricity or electronics had faults, he was the one to repair them

Isah’s Father

Isah told news reporters that his dream is to get a scholarship to further his education abroad.

Now, I want to get a scholarship to further my education abroad to fulfil my dream of becoming a robotics engineer

Isah Auwal-Barde

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