Khalid Mohammed: The Sudanese Tech-Entrepreneur And Founder Of Africa’s Emerging Amazon ‘Mykaaap’

The continent of Africa has seen a tremendous increase in the E-Commerce market. The African E-Commerce market is taking a different dimension, and young Africans largely consist of the thousands of E-Commerce website owners in Africa. According to research done by Statista, Africa’s E-Commerce market is projected to reach US$22 billion by 2022. As the African E-Commerce market continues to thrive, young Africans are making positive use of the internet by establishing E-Commerce websites.

Like Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma, Khalid Mohammed created an African-based E-Commerce website named Mykaaap that connects all African countries to buy and sell fashion and African products at a reasonable price. Born and raised in Nyala, Darfur, Sudan, Khalid Mohammed came from a business background, which inspired him to be an entrepreneur. He started primary education in his hometown Nyala and finished high school in Nyala. He then traveled to India to pursue his undergraduate studies. His E-Commerce website is available in 54 African countries and languages like French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Amharic, and Spanish.

The African Dream had an interview with Khalid Mohammed via WhatsApp to tell Africans his inspiring story.

TAD: Tell Africans who you are?

Khalid Mohammed: “We are a team from different parts of Africa and partners from India. We all come from different educational and religious backgrounds. We share the same vision working at Mykaaap Company Ltd to create a strong and secure online marketplace that connects all African countries to buy and sell valuable products at a reasonable price.”

TAD: Tell Africans about your company or business

Khalid Mohammed: “We are Mykaaap Company Ltd registered and having headquarters in Sudan and partners in other parts of Africa. Our vision is to bridge the gap between all our 54 countries to exchange cultures and traditions, fashion, electronics, etc. in every way possible. We have targeted local African sellers and overseas brands to meet all our African demands.”

TAD: What inspired you to build an e-commerce website?

Khalid Mohammed: “I come from a family background that involves buying and selling. Starting from my grandfather and my father, trading is running in our blood. My destiny took me to India. From 2012 to 2014 it happened to be the peak of India’s eCommerce field and its booming time. I was in Bangalore city in India, it’s the hub for startups. I was surrounded by friends who are employees in one of the top Indian online market platforms I got to learn from them a lot. India is similar to Africa with different languages and different beliefs they can create a platform where all people can buy. Since I am already dealing with clients from Africa by the traditional model of purchasing I thought we can create an online market that can be available to everyone in Africa with all languages. And from there the journey started!”

TAD: How many products are available on your e-commerce website?

Khalid Mohammed: “We are having a variety of twenty thousand plus products from fashion, electronics, house tools, stationery products, books and we adding daily hundred new products, so let’s keep counting!”

TAD: In how many countries in Africa is your website available and how many languages?

Khalid Mohammed: “We are available to all 54 African countries in all the major languages French, English, Arabic, Portuguese, Amharic, and Spanish.”

TAD: Why should people buy and sell from your website?

Khalid Mohammed: “African buyers are smart and they know how to spend their money wisely. They take their decisions upon the quality of the products and safe online transaction environment. At Mykaaap, it is our responsibility to secure their payments and make sure they receive quality products as promised! So, let’s take African trade to a global level with Mykaaap!”

TAD: The name, Mykaaap, what’s the meaning or why Mykaap?

Khalid Mohammed: “Mykaaap full form is: Maintain Your Knowledge and Ambition, Always Positive. Our generation mostly wears caps of different styles and colors and I am one of them. That is where the name was inspired from.”

TAD: For how long will it take for someone to receive their products after buying from your website?

Khalid Mohammed: “When it comes to shipping it depends on where the products are located and to which place have to be delivered. If both buyer and seller are in the same country, it takes 3 to 5 days. If the seller and buyer are located in a different region of Africa, for example, Egypt to Kenya its takes between 10 to 17 days, if it’s out of Africa it’s between 17 to 25.”

TAD: Tell Africans what are some of the progress that your company has made?

Khalid Mohammed: “Achievement in terms of reaching buyers has always a wonderful experience. We always get good opportunities to talk to many people from Africa. We understood their buying habits and the problems they are facing to place orders online. We do our best to provide solutions. Plus, we have many happy buyers from different parts of Africa. We ran a huge sale campaign called Pamoja (‘meaning All together’) on 10th October 2020. And the good news is, we will be launching it every year on 10 October with huge discounts!
The planning for this year’s Pamoja event has already begun! So, Africa stay tuned!”

TAD: What are you looking forward to in the coming years?

Khalid Mohammed: “We all at Mykaaap are putting our sweat and ideas and strategic plans to expand day by day. We all strongly believe we will add a huge contribution to the African economy and support in transforming the local business to trade globally and creating job opportunities for students, housewives, and everyday working men.”

If you want to shop online, shop here at Mykaaap (

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583

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