Leading UK Travel Magazine Nominates Sierra Leone For ‘The Most Desirable Emerging Destination’ 2023

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone has been nominated as the “Most Desirable Emerging Destination” in 2023 by the Wanderlust Reader Travel Awards, one of the UK’s long-standing and largest travel magazines.

The Wanderlust Travel Awards is one of the UK’s long-standing and largest travel magazines. The platform is known for shining light on potential touristic spots and attractive places in the world.

In addition, with a legacy of 22 years of celebrating excellence in the travel industry, they are one of the most credible travelling platforms.

Sierra Leone has been recognized and enlisted due to its captivating and ravishing landscapes and extravagant cultural heritage that showcases originality.

This year’s ceremony will be held on the 7th of November at the British Museum. Prominent figures and esteemed guests from the travel industry will be in attendance.

The awards are free to enter and encourage tourism boards, tour operators, and operations.

The winners will be decided either by an independent panel of expert judges or, by the most serious, passionate travellers of them all, the Wanderlust readers. Participants include the world’s foremost travel leaders, industry specialists, writers and celebrities.

In March this year. TIME Magazine named the Freetown Peninsula in Sierra Leone as one of the world’s greatest places.

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

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