Meet Elijah Muhammad Jr – The 12-Year-Old Cybersecurity Genius Who Made History As The Youngest Black College Student In Oklahoma

A phenomenal and exception Elijah Muhammad Jr. has recently became the youngest black college student in the history of Oklahoma. This feat was achieved after he gained admission to the Oklahoma City Community College (OCCC) in the United States.

Elijah Muhammad Jr. comes from a peculiar family of geniuses. His sister Shania Muhammad holds the record of graduating from two American universities with two degrees at the age of 14. With the recently acquired success, Elijah Muhammad Jr. has broken her record and hopes to follow in her step. His father, Elijah Muhammad Sr. noticed his son was very attentive since he was two years old. “He was very attentive, and there were things I noticed from when he was two years old that were just different, and I was like it’s time to cultivate this,” Elijah Sr. told the Atlanta Black Star. He admitted that Elijah Jr. and her sister usually compete academically.

Elijah Muhammad Jr. is not your average pre-teen. He is currently a high school senior at Prep One Collegiate Academy and enrolled in three courses at Oklahoma City Community College. The Prep One is a homeschool program organized by his father. “I’m very excited about getting scholarships because I’ve seen my sister get multiple scholarships and I was like, man, I can’t wait until I start getting my scholarships,” he expressed to Atlanta Black Star.

Not only is Muhammad Jr. the youngest student to attend college in Oklahoma, he also beat out the average Black high school senior with his 17 composite ACT score. He is also the recipient of a full scholarship to Rust College, a historically Black college in Mississippi. “A hundred percent, he will be going to an HBCU walking in the legacy in his mom,” said Muhammad Sr., Atlanta Black Star reports.

Elijah Muhammad Jr.’s mother was recently awarded a doctorate degree from Hampton University. She is the assistant professor and director of operations at Langston University.

Elijah Muhammad Jr. is set to graduate from Oklahoma City Community College with a degree in Cybersecurity. His father briefed the public that his son will be graduating with both a high school diploma and a college degree next year. Muhammad Jr.’s interest is to become a computer scientist with interest in cybersecurity. He is taking courses including Computer Hardware, Computer Technology, and Computer Operating Systems.

Elijah Muhammad Jr. explained that his classmates were shocked to see him join their classes. “A bunch of them were like, ‘How old are you?’ Once I told them my age, they all got surprised,” he told KFor.

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

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