Meet Mukundi Malovhele: The 21-year-old South African who built his own Lamborghini from scrap

Mukundi Malovhele

There has been a surge in innovation and creativity in Africa as more young people in Africa are demonstrating ingenuity and brilliance in the world of science, technology, innovation, and invention. Since the early days of humankind, Africans have risen to the test of time. The continent is, unarguably, known for being the mother of geniuses and innovators. These inventions and innovations from ancient Egyptian civilization and other parts of the continent have given modern society an easy pathway to extraordinary discoveries which have been of significant help to human society. Without an iota of doubt, the continent is home to some of the world’s greatest minds and geniuses; past and present.

In South Africa, 22-year-old Mukundi Malovhele has shown the world that whatever the black man put his mind to, he will achieve it. The 22-year-old whose love and admiration for luxury cars has built his own dream Lamborghini using scrap materials. Mukundi Malovhele does not know mathematics nor mechanical engineering but was somehow able to put together metal scraps and an engine. His natural gift and passion for engineering things with his hands made it possible for the 22 years old to build his own luxury car.

Mukundi’s Lamborghini

This ingenious innovation and creativity by Mukundi Malovhele were inspired by his love for the luxury car brand Lamborghini by using scrap materials and old car parts. Coming from a low-income family, Malovhele said because he could not afford a luxury car he decided to try and build himself one.


Mukundi Malovhele

Malovhele is a resident of Tshipise Tshasagole-Niani village in Venda, South Africa came from an agarian family that owns a tomato and watermelon farm. Because he could not buy first-hand spare parts due to his poor family background, the young and talented genius started collecting scrap materials from old cars to build his car. His passion for building cars started at a very young age when he used to build toy cars using wire, so he decided to give it a go in 2017 and do something bigger.

I used to make wire cars when I was younger; this is a passion that has been within me for a long time.

Mukundi Malovhele

Mukundi Malovhele however was struck with financial challenges to complete building his car. The 22-year-old financial struggles held him from fully completing the building of the Lamborghini. “My father sometimes spares me some money to buy some parts, but I really need a small engine,” he said.

I want to become a mechanic and fix cars, but I also want to make my own car model because this is what I understand. My dream is to go to a technical college that will help me work on my skills.

Mukundi Malovhele

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

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