Melanin Addiction

Freezing on a restaurant table my mind turns off.
Literally, it turns off!
I rather stare a master piece from the creator than ingurgitate this palatable meal from the scullery.

The mystery of humanity. The complexity of creation.
Out of her womb I emerged. I’m talking about the embodiment of beauty. The bombshell from the land of integrity

African Fashion Model

Oh mama Africa!
I lack words to express my emotions. Totally carried away by your daughter.
Yes! the African voluptuous woman. Whose curves make the world go dumb and for a moment make them think down stairs and cerebrate what’s beneath her clothes. She kindles every man’s heart from a distance and triggers deep admiration from female neighbors

Left alone I can only think of the warmth beneath her. Without touching I can feel the smoothness of her attributes.
Gosh! she’s a black woman


Oh Africa!!! They say your daughter is attractive but
NO, she has invaded my mind so beyond that I think she’s addictive to my soul. She has drowned my brain down to my third leg, all I dream is to kiss and caress her simultaneously like a
mathematical equation

Resourcing Energy from the black woman

Oh daughters of great Mama Africa!
Strong and courageous women! Yes, full of virtue.
It’s time to rise and show the world that other than your curves wisdom overflows.
More to your beauty there’s a brain.
Show the world that in addition to the warmth you procure you are a solution giver as well.
Strategic and determined

Young African lady refuse to expose your nudity on social media.
You are endowed with curves none but you can boast of, so let them dig deep for you as they do for the treasures of your mother land.

If Africa must rise, then our females have an integral role to play.