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Meet Demba Babaly Ndiath: A Senegalese man that created an African-based rental website just like Airbnb and Booking

Demba Babaly Ndiath is a Senegalese senior banker and CEO of a rental website called He was born and grew up in Dakar, Senegal. He graduated with an MBA from Ashland University with a specialization in Global Finance. Before that, he earned a Masters in International Law and a Masters in Communication in 2013 and 2015 from the Universite de Nice Sophia Antipolis in France.

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He founded Sunlight International Business Consulting, a company registered in Senegal and the USA as a Limited Liability company. The purpose of the company is to help investors find business opportunities in Africa and guide them through their investment either legally and administratively.

Demba Babaly Ndiath recently launched‘Calm and Peace’ in Wolof, a Senegalese language. If both words are combined it means Welcome.

The goal of this platform is to help Africans and anybody who visits Africa to find a rental property for a long or short term stay in the continent. In addition to that, Demba Babaly Ndiath wants people to book their rentals and pay with their local digital wallet whether it’s Orange money, MTN money, WARI, etc. because a lot of people don’t have a bank account in Africa.

The platform does not only limit itself to linking renters and homeowners, but it aims to promote African hospitality. DAL AK JAMM thrives to have people who share our values joining our community.

So far, since he launched the rental website a couple of months ago, the rental website has stretched to Dakar and represented in cities like Libreville, Abidjan, Yaounde, and Brazzaville.

Demba Babaly Ndiath said “Our goal is to cover the whole continent and be the number one rental platform in Africa. We also want African to create their platform to take care of their needs. We think that since we missed the industrial revolution in the 19th century, we should not miss the technological revolution since we all now have access to the internet.”

If you’re coming to Africa and want an apartment or property to rent and buy, visit

Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583

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