Several Moroccans Are Arrested For Not Observing Fast

Article 222 of the penal code of Morocco’s laws states that breaking the fast in public is punishable by up to six months in prison. Morocco’s state religion is Islam.

The police in Morocco have arrested customers at a café in the capital of Casablanca on suspicion of failing to observe the customary Islamic mandatory fast. An act that is penalized by Moroccan law.

The news website Hespress on Wednesday reported that: “Customers and employees of the café, located in central Casablanca, were arrested amid a large public gathering of citizens.”

Chouf Tv, a web television, broadcasted a video showing police officers rounding young girls and boys from the café to a police vehicle.

It is reported that many Moroccans were welcoming of the police intervention out of respect for the faith of Moroccans.

Believers are expected to abstain from drinking, eating, and having sex from dawn until sunset during the holy month of Ramadan.

A handful of activists have previously defended their right not to fast, despite the cases of arrests for going contrary to law.

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

Delvid Stanley-Coker is a dedicated writer for The African Dream. His passion and desire to publicize the appreciable department of Africa, and voicing out the prevalent ills of society has adequately contributed to the promulgation of stories of different sort. He finds pleasure in reading novels, listening to soothing songs, and play video games for leisure purposes.