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Today in AfricaEconomic Measures: Senegalese Government To Economically Back More Than 540,000 Households

Economic Measures: Senegalese Government To Economically Back More Than 540,000 Households

The launching of the program is set to happen on May 10.

The socio-economic situation around the world is getting stiffer and unprecedented by the day. The government of the Republic of Senegal is on the verge of supporting low-income families hit by these tedious conditions. A total of 540,000 households are going to be prime benefactors.

Oumar Gueye, the government spokesperson, briefed the press on Thursday that these measures were taken to mitigate the surge in prices of essential foodstuffs and other products. Prices of cooking oil, for instance, rose from 18,000 to 27,000 CFA francs. The price of rice has also risen substantively.

The spokesperson also indicated that the government has created a price support scheme for wheat and the temporary wavering of import taxes on some products.

The low-income households are listed on the National single registry and will receive approximately 64 million dollars to cope with the rising cost of living.

Senegal is currently grappling with the sad eventualities of global inflation and the halt of international trade due to the political conflict between Ukraine-Russia.


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