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From selling shoes on the streets of Zambia to owning three big clothing stores – How Markford Jere Junior did it?

A young man from Zambia whose story has left social media users astounded after he shared photos of him showing his humble beginnings to where he’s now. The young man identified as Markford Jere Junior said it took him nine years to get to where he is now.

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Mansa Musa: The African King Who Re-defined Wealth

Mansa Musa’s ascent to power was of pure circumstance as the incumbent, King Abu Bakr 11 got lost at sea on an expedition across the Atlantic Ocean. It so follows that Musa 1 inherited an already robust kingdom teeming with natural resources such as salt, gold and ivory. It was as a result of Musa Keita’s brilliance and design, however, that the Kingdom expanded to legendary status.

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