The Future of Nollywood: How These Three Nigerian Groups Are Changing The Story of Nollywood

It’s no longer news that Nollywood is Africa’s biggest screen when it comes to film production and for this, the industry also stands among the biggest in the world. But even with the large number of productions of films every week in Nollywood, it’s still very obvious that Nollywood doesn’t come close in terms of standard when we are talking about
Hollywood and Bollywood.

The good news now is that very soon many of us will see Nollywood movies and we will find it hard to believe that these movies are African or Nigerian movies, because some talented and super amazing Nigerians are already rewriting the story of Nollywood. This post highlights three Nigerian groups of filmmakers who are really performing beyond what
one can expect from the usual Nigerian movies.

Among these groups, we see the ones who focus on making and production of science fiction movies. As in, I mean that type of movies like Terminator and Transformers. Among these groups, there is also a particular one that focused on action packed movies, similar to that of Jackie Chan and Jet Li. Trust me, the future of Nollywood is going to be more fantastic and superb than what you might think possible.

Let’s check out these groups one after the other to see what they are up to.


Ever imagine watching a Nollywood movie that looks like Terminator, of course, in the past, this was very impossible, but with the help of The Critics Company, these kinds of movies are definitely what we are going to be seeing in Nollywood movies anytime soon.

Watch Chase – The Movie by Critics Company

The Critics Company is a group of young talented Nigerian filmmakers based in Kaduna state in the northern part of Nigeria. These guys founded this group in 2012, the group specialised in making and production of science fiction short films, the group began shooting their films using their mobile phones together with the knowledge of VFX they have learnt by reading articles online and watching YouTube videos.

This group has also been able to publish notable figures of their short films on YouTube. Many of their films are so unique that, while watching them, you will even forget that you are watching Nigerian or African movies.

This action of theirs has gained them popularity both at home and even in the foreign lands and more interestingly, YouTube just awarded them the silver plaque award for crossing the 100,000 subscriber milestone on YouTube. Even if I don’t say anything more about this group, this alone should be enough proof that they are doing great.


Trust me, the kind of way Nollywood is going to rule the movie production on a global scale can be very surprising, because this is another set of young talented filmmakers from Nigeria who are dedicated to changing the face of Nollywood from what people think the industry is. Filmic Star is a group of young talented Nigerian filmmakers based in Benin City in Edo state.

Just like The Critics Company, this group also focused on making and production of science fiction short films. This group was formed in 2015 and since then they have been growing both in number and success.

Over the years this group has published a long list of interesting movies on YouTube, including
Nigerian Flash, a short films that has gathered over 1.6 million views on YouTube in just two years of publishing.

I think this is a great start for this group in changing the story of Nollywood.


For most of us, watching Jackie Chan and Jet Li is one of the moments we enjoyed most during our childhood, because these guys really made our childhood interesting.


We love them so much because of the kind of movies they made for us.
But the question now is for how long this is going to continue, because Xcel Theater is giving us exactly the kind of movies just like those movie legends mentioned earlier.

Xcel Theater is also another group of young filmmakers in Nigeria who are on the journey of changing the story of Nollywood. This group specializes in action parked movies and even through their movies, one can see that
these guys are really not joking with this.

I could remember the first time I watched their movie, these guys are using real weapons like swords and other deadly tools and the movie really amazed me, because it was more than perfect.

This group has also published many of their short films on YouTube and among those films, you will see their own versions of some of the most popular action films in history, including Ong Bak, IP Man, the Swordsman and many more.

Remember I said these guys are going to change what we used to see in Nollywood anytime soon in the future, but the truth is we don’t even need to wait for that future to come, because these guys are making the future happen already.

The proof of this is actively present on YouTube where you can go and watch what these guys are doing and see for yourself that truly Nollywood is about to rule the world screens on a global


Author: Muhammed Akorede Olaiya

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