17-Year-Old Malawian Genius Builds Free Data Wi-Fi Device

A 17-year-old Malawian student, Stuward Nankhumwa has built a free data Wi-Fi device to provide internet access to people living in his community. The device works with a mesh network, which enables free, fast and unlimited connections between several devices.

Due to the success of his innovation, Nankhumwa has been offered a scholarship by one of the best universities in Malawi.

High Profile Private Secondary School student Stuward Nankhumwa, 17, has received a scholarship from the Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST) to help him widen his innovation skills.

On February 1, 2023, research associate Wongani Langa of the MUST Institute of Industrial Research and Innovation told journalists that Nankhumwa would receive a 12-month scholarship through the Malawi 2063 Youth Innovation Program and receive mentoring to make sure his innovation was commercialized.

According to Langa, MUST would connect the inventor with investors following the mentorship so they can assist him in marketing the product.

Yes he has been offered a 12 months long scholarship here at MUST so as to help mentor his wonderful project. After his, mentorship training, he will be exposed to the investors for the possible market of his product – Wongani Langa

Nankhumwa, who invested K8,000 to develop the wi-fi equipment, expressed his happiness that his labour had now begun to pay off.

He said that he thought the scholarship would provide him with more expertise that he might utilize to create a solar power-producing system.

Currently, Nankhumwa is developing a solar power generating system that will supply communities in need with clean, sustainable energy. He wants to break the loop of reliance on fossil fuels and lessen the environmental effect of energy production with the help of his new solar power project.

”I am very excited and humbled to be offered this scholarship and I will use the opportunity wisely to gain more skills,” said the young innovator.

Nankhumwa, who has a deep interest in reading physics books, is also said to have developed a radio, a kettle and a 4-volts battery.