20-year-old Sierra Leonean Innovator Mamadu Ndulador Bah Has Developed The First Locally Made Computer Power Bank In Sierra Leone

Mamadu Ndulador Bah

A 20 years old Sierra Leonean inventor and innovator, Mamadu Ndulador Bah, known for his fuel-free generator innovation has made history by developing the first-ever locally made computer power bank in Sierra Leone that can fully charge a computer twice before it runs out of power. He also developed a solar-powered generator that runs for 24 hours nonstop.

Born on the 25th of July, 2002 at Calaba Town, Sierra Leone, Mamadu Ndulador Bah started innovating things at the age of nine. “I didn’t learn innovation from anyone. I learned it all by myself, it’s self-taught, and also it’s an inspiration from God. It’s in me,” he told The African Dream in an interview. The young and brilliant Sierra Leonean innovator first made headlines in 2020 when he developed a fuel-free generator that uses no fuel, water, oil, or solar power, and CO2 –free.

Mamadu’s computer power bank is the first locally made computer power bank in Sierra Leone. He told The African Dream that one of the reasons why he developed the computer power bank is the lack of electricity supply in Sierra Leone and to help university students do their assignments and projects easily using their computers even when there may be a power outage. He also states that, if mobile phones have power banks why not computers? “It’s needful for a computer to have one (power bank),” said Mamadu. The computer power bank uses two-way charging sources; it recharges using solar energy and also electricity.

Mamadu is a lover of innovation. He is very passionate about changing lives and helping people through innovation. His desire and urge to solve problems using innovation have made him one of the smartest young minds in Sierra Leone and the continent of Africa as a whole. Since electricity supply in Sierra Leone has been a challenge for Sierra Leoneans and access to it has been a pain in the neck, he developed a solar-powered generator that runs electricity for 24 hours nonstop. The generator was developed, according to him, to make electricity accessible and affordable to everyone in Sierra Leone. Mamadu said his solar-powered generator will help some students who are unable to study at night because of a power outage. He also hopes his innovation will help to bring security and safety to some communities that are not safe at night due to lack of electricity. He also added that a stable electricity power supply can foster entrepreneurship, create jobs, help emerging factories and industries in Sierra Leone and aid in the growth of the Sierra Leone Economy.

Firstly, I just love being innovative. It’s something I like. Innovation chose me. Innovation in the past, present and future. If we look at the present system of generating electricity in the world, it has led to various health and environmental hazards which is a big problem for our planet. The cost of fuel is increasing every day. These other generators that use fuel are not good for our environment; they have many negative effects on our environment. In my country, not everyone has the access to electricity. I want to make light accessible and affordable in every home.

Mamadu Ndulador Bah speaking to The African Dream on what inspired him to develop the solar-powered generator.

Even though his solar-powered generator and computer power bank are yet to go into mass production, Mamadu has started selling the products at an affordable price. He said he’s “looking for potential investors who can invest in my business idea.” His solar-powered generator is available for sale at a very reasonable price. The problem-solving innovator says the cost of the solar-powered generator depends on the watt; 500W generators cost US$300. Mamadu aims to get his products on the global market so that every home can have access to clean and affordable energy. But this goal is been hit by tough challenges like lack of materials, funds, logistics and equipment. “I’m looking for a potential sponsor and the right platform, where I can able explore and develop my business,” he told The African Dream.

Even though Mamadu Ndulador Bah’s initial dream was to become a pilot but due to the unavailability of Aviation Schools in Sierra Leone, and support to further his education, he couldn’t pursue his dream. So he turned to innovation, which has helped him greatly in shaping up the environment in which he lives and making a positive change in solving pressing problems the world is facing. He told The African Dream that, “my innovation ideas normally come with the urge to solve problems, and create solutions to change the world around.”

Young creatives like Mamadu Ndulador Bah give us hope that Africa will one day be the centre for advanced scientific discoveries and technological innovations.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: abubakarrjalloh@theafricandreamsl.com WhatsApp: +23276211583

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