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Inspiring African StoriesMeet Tela Michael Jolade, The Nigerian Human Calculator

Meet Tela Michael Jolade, The Nigerian Human Calculator

Mathematics can be a boring and even a difficult subject for many of us, including myself, but in the case of this numerologist, the subject of numbers can be fun and easy.

In this post I’m going to present to you the story of a Nigerian human calculator, named Tela Michael Jolade!

It sounds unbelievable right?

Alright, just be calm and lend me a few minutes of your time and permit me to introduce to you this living genius.

Tela Michael Jolade is a Nigerian human calculator who can divide, add, subtract, multiply and even do square and cube root of any numbers either big or small.

I first heard about this genius on a local radio station in my city.

I was very impressed with the way I heard how people were throwing different mathematical questions at the young numerologist through phone calls and how he was answering the questions in just a matter of seconds.

This made me very curious to know more about this guy, so after some days, I went on the internet to find out more about this amazing genius, to my greatest surprise I discovered a lot about this guy.

One of the things I discovered was that he began doing this at age of 12 and since then numbers have become his own personal language.

Also I discovered that this guy has a dream of becoming a programmer, a dream which has begun already because an ICT College, based in Oyo State, Nigeria, has found the guy and gave him a full scholarship to study his chosen profession to any length as he wishes to study software engineering.

One of the times this guy amazed me most was when I was researching about him, I came across a video on YouTube where he was asked a question that if a man has lived for 50 years, what will be his lifetime on earth in terms of weeks and days?

Believe me, this guy gave the correct answers to this question in less than one minute and even went far by answering the question in terms of hours and even minutes.

Watch Tela Michael Jolade

Did you just say wow?

Honestly, that’s exactly what I said when I found out all these things about this wonderful and young aspiring programmer.

So this is the story of Tela Michael Jolade, the Nigerian human calculator who has shown to the world how Africa is blessed with many and different kinds of amazing talents.

And for this reason, I would love to say a big thank you to this guy for being an amazing beauty of Africa.



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