24-year-old Desire Kabengela Created The First African-Made Treadmill

This is the first African-made treadmill and it was created by 24 years old Desire Kabengela from DR Congo

First African-Made Treadmill In Display

It was created in the Democratic Republic of Congo by a 24 years old Desire Kabengela. Desire is a student of electro-mechanics at the higher institute of Applied techniques in Goma. As his main project for his public defence in his third year at the school. Desire thinks of what he could create and that was how this wooden treadmill was birthed.

The treadmill was made of hardwood making it durable for anybody to use regardless of their size or weight. At Goma, Desire has his small workshop where he works on his invention after school hours. Even though the treadmill was made of wood, it meets the world standard and can be used by anybody either to walk or run depending on their weight and speed.

The treadmill can work anywhere as long as you have flat ground, also this treadmill doesn’t need electricity to work which makes it be used anytime and anywhere. For this treadmill, electricity can never be a challenge because the treadmill can work even in places where the supply of electricity never reaches.

Of course, because this is the first of its kind, there is room for improvements to enhance the functions of this treadmill. For example, one of the people who tried to use the treadmill hinted at the noise it makes when the speed increases.

Even with that said, I still take off my hat for this young genius, because to me this is talent at its finest. And in fact, The African Dream would like to confess that stories similar to this of Desire are the reasons why I believe that the future of Africa is going to be bright and great!


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