As its first teaser video drops at 8pm, the CEO of Salone Glad Rags lists five expectations

Salone Glad Rags is an online vlogging platform that is potentially going to establish a rudimentary explanation on varieties of fashion misfits, intolerable fashion blends, the dos and don’ts of table interactions, the importance of clothing accessories and why it matters, and literally serving as a shoulder to lean all your fashion worries on.

The teaser video which drops at 8 pm will hopefully convey the whole idea of the activities ahead, though a snippet. The African Dream was able to catch up with the CEO Flora Davies of her expectations on what the company would seek to achieve. In a confident tone, she expressed five key points. Here are they:

1. CHANGING THE NARRATIVE – The brain behind the initiative is expecting Salone Glad Rags to revise the outdated version of dress code matchups and create a community that harnesses an informed idea on dressing rules.

The CEO of Salone Glad Rags Flora Davies

2. SERVICING YOUR EVENTS AND FUNCTIONS – The CEO was optimistic that Glad Rags will be in for business as well. The vlogging platform is open to events for bookings, especially if you’d want to have a professional outlook. Salone Glad Rags are willing to apply their ideas in addressing the do’s and don’ts at a much more reasonable fee.

3. ADDRESSING BASIC COURTESIES – Table manners and courtesies are very important to enhance civilization and human relationships. You wouldn’t want to behave less ceremonial in a function. What Salone Glad Rags will seek to accomplish is to enlighten the public on courtesies and table manners they were unaware of. For example, table manners in dinner events, or the ones designated for meetings.

4. AN INSPIRATION TO MANY UPCOMING BRANDS AND BUSINESS IDEAS – Flora Davies envisage Salone Glad Rags to be a motivational springboard to other brands and businesses as well. For a country where the possibility of startups to thrive is unreachable, Salone Glad Rags will hope to breathe new life to struggling ideas. A referenceable lesson for all.

5. A BIGGER BRAND AND OUTREACH – Finally, Miss Davies is hopeful that Salone Glad Rags will stretch globally with time. With contents on display, she envisions a huge thirst from the viewers and the public for more of the same.

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