Salone Glad Rags: The Sierra Leonean Vlog Aspiring To Further Meaningful Conversations On Fashion

“Oops! My dinner outfit is gross. Whoa! I am not au fait with table manners and etiquette. I might ruin my evening.”, you’ve once lamented. That is technically the trouble humans encounter in the competition for an admirable persona. Fashion is a never-ending engagement. There is always a natural appetite to look and appear refine and classic. However, that urge may be frustrated when reliable sources to get ideas from are absent or dismissed. That’s where Salone Glad rags come in.

Salone Glad Rags is a fashion vlogging company based in Sierra Leone. It was developed for the sole purpose of stretching awareness on how designated outfits are to be worn for respective occasions. It also advance lessons on the authenticity of accessories and the originality which could arouse an attractive outlook. It was founded by Flora Davies, a university student and fashion enthusiast, who had an avid curiosity to address frequent fashion flops or omissions.

CEO of Salone Glad Rags: Flora Davies.

Salone Glad Rags, as a company promotes the exquisite grandeur of arts, culture, design, all to fit into a majestic penchant of class and savor. They are positively aspiring to mitigate fashion challenges by targeting a wider public through clips, fashion magazines, and basic lessons on the essentials 0f etiquette. You see, you might be clueless over what outfit may prove you responsible before your interviewer at work, or that impression you’d want to make before the panelists— Salone Glad Rags want to chip in and render well researched and professional advice.

The vlogging ideas ranges from the dos and don’ts style of some outfits, specific idea on watches which could accompany your tux or dress, sorting out perfumes, highlighting sneakers and hinting on where they can be purchased, necklaces that can match your dress, and many more content. Another fun thrilled session is the street fashion quiz where pedestrians are met to give their respected opinions on fashion and its complexities.

Based on the fact that Salone Glad Rags has a unique fashion interest, they are also doing boutique advertisements and publicity. The entire team consists of young and experienced people, who are willing to translate appropriate fashion coding to meet the satisfaction of this generation. The company’s fashion insight is limitless and thus, every aspect ranging from traditional, African, and European fashion ingredients are recognized.

Our mission is to empower people who wouldn’t otherwise have the knowledge of fashion misfits which links to unsatisfactory fashion sizing practice with stylistic misadventures in one’s best or most showy clothes.
We’re going to outfit every man who wants to look sharp in a suit, shirt, and tie and every lady in a dress.

In 10 years, I want to see Glad Rags become the largest company in Sierra Leone that makes a very big impact on the sensitization of fashion misfits and does a lot to give back to the community and to charities.

CEO Flora Davies told the African Dream

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