Black Couple Married For 84 Years, Possibly Longest Married Couple in America

Cleovis and Arwilda Whiteside have made a remarkable romantic landmark, having been married for an unbelievable 84 years. They are the longest-married couple in the entire United States.

Cleovis and Arwilda were at the respective age of 17 and 13, when they got married on July 24, 1939. Now 102 and 98 years old, the couple have been together for more than 8 decades, revealing that the source of their long-lasting marriage is their belief in God.

“We can hardly believe this is happening to us because we feel like we were the least, but God said, “No. You’ll glorify my name and love one another,” Arwilda told KATV.

To mark this lovely milestone, the Family Council, a nonprofit organization that promotes and protects traditional family values organized a reception for the couple and their immediate family.

Their romantic tale began when Cleovis came to the rescue of Arwilda and her friend Caroline many decades ago. Some boys were chasing the girls on their way home from school, when Cleovis stepped in to protect them. Years later, fate would have it when the two crossed paths and eventually became lovebirds.

The Whitesides have been dubbed the longest-married couple in the entire state of Arkansas. Most recently, they have been recognized by the Family Council as possibly the longest-married couple in the entire country.

Today, the union between Cleovis and Arwilda is blessed with 12 children. They serve as an inspiration for a healthy married lifestyle and a reference that true love can subside all odds.

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

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