Black Woman Celebrates After Being a Teacher For Almost 70 Years

Everlene Davis has been a dedicated individual in the teaching field. The veteran is an educator from Colombus County, North Carolina, who has spent over seven decades of her life teaching and impacting lives. What is fascinating is that she has no plans to retire at the moment.

Everlene Davis is currently a teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences at South Columbus High School in Tabor City. Davis began teaching as far back as 1956. Since then, it has been a continued process. “I have touched the lives of many students,” Davis told a news outlet.

Davis’s years of teaching has been quite eventful and interactive. She has tutored and mentored a different range of students from diverse backgrounds. Do you know what’s mind-blowing? Everlene Davis finds herself teaching multiple generations of families. Generations have passed through her mentorship.

“I’m familiar most of the time with the parents, their grandparents, and sometimes the great-grandparents,” Davis explained.

Davis commenced her teaching career at Douglass High School during the era of segregation. When integration was lawful, she continued teaching at Tabor City High School and now at South Columbus High School. Davis feels a certain type of fulfillment nurturing young minds and bred them to become successful adults.

“I am so happy to know that I taught something in my class, you learned something in my class, that has contributed to the success of your job. That means a lot to me. Very much so, very much so,” Davis said.

Everlene Davis is reputable for setting high standards, while reminding her students that hardwork is the gateway to success. While she may have aged, her ability to command and control the classroom is still intact.

“I am using the phrase that I am a very seasoned senior citizen in education as well as other areas,” she said.

As long as her health permits, Davis intends to continue living her passion for teaching. Her dedication has earned her hundreds of awards, and she’s recognized as one of the longest serving educators in the state.

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

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