Many people would wonder why cold water. Instead in all our entire lives, we have been taught to use hot and warm water but we have never explained the outcomes or results by using that. Hence many people are trapped to be thinking using hot water will prevent colds and flu which is mostly a lie, unfortunately.

I have family members of mine(Soul family) who would tell me they use cold water even during the cold winter seasoning. And no wonder they glow so much in their lives.

Water is a feminine spiritual element to connect with the Universe. In most African traditions, water is mostly considered as the vagina/womb of a woman, which simply means it is the giver of life. Without it, you and I would not survive. The plants and animals will not survive either. Water can last longer than food. Hence why we are encouraged to do spiritual fasting more than depending on the flesh or the things of this world.

Water unfortunately, it has been attacked and bombarded by dark entities which in turn many people turn against it and say it is “demonic”. Forgetting, there were those people who used water, which the most powerful element, way more than other elements, to do evil things towards other people. It is sad because while the oceans, dams etc. are negatively affected by spiritual pollution like demonic entities and physical pollution like land/ air pollution, what do you think it would affect every woman’s life? A woman basically is giver of life, whatever that happens whether good or bad, women are mostly affected.

Did you ask yourself a question, why do women especially Black or melanated women go through tough times like abuse, oppression etc? It is because women are highly connected to Mother Earth. Hence why back in the Old days, they were considered more powerful than men. They were healers, prophets and seers in their marriages and households. Hence why they were given the power to use cow dung to plaster the floor or even the wall. Unfortunately, society has programmed us that Nature is our worst enemy, especially towards women. It is said that the news, and media as a whole like to programme people’s mindsets that it is dangerous for a woman to visit the wilderness which might be true or not. For me, as the writer of the blog, I stand and I encourage women to visit sacred places like waterfalls, being around the veld, the mountains to be truly in tune with themselves especially towards cold water to be specific. The reason why I am against hot water is that it creates sleepiness, tiredness, laziness, cravings, feelings of lust. On a physical level, people age faster than their age. People do not develop strong bones for their bodies. The bones would become weak and wonder why many people age faster in between the ages of 40-50. We need to normalize respecting and using cold water for that our ancestors used it and they survived many years way more we do.


Bathing in the morning

The best time to bathe is in the morning before sunrise. It is good. There are less frequent energies because many people will be sleeping at that time.

Dive in Coldwater

Whether summer or winter, cold water is the most powerful one to use during your awakening process. Coldwater prevents you from getting old faster. It also helps you by strengthening your physical body bones. It prevents you from being sleepy and tired. It also helps with spiritual cleansing, without even using a herb(muti).

Project your words onto a glass of water

I always say this, always and always declare the good upon water to heal and purify your soul and heart

Gather rainwater as well to drink or use as a healing herb for yourself/your family. You can bath with it as well without the need for soap or oils but in a natural way. You can as well use it to mop your house to bring light into your life or your home

Make sure your heart and soul is purified to a point you can touch the water.

You cannot visit places like river streams, waterfalls and intended to purify yourself spiritually without starting from your heart. Hence people will complain things get worse for them by the day due to the fact they have never been prepared to be pure inside first. Always and always start fixing your heart and soul. Start fixing your intentions towards your spiritual purification.

Water is still powerful and will always be. Many of us around the world, come from Water nations, wonder makes sense why the world’s water is 70% as they say in United Nations. It should be preserved and treated as an egg. As Lightworkers and Creators of this Earth, we need to be careful on how to use water because WATER IS LIFE, IT IS A GIVER OF LIFE

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: abubakarrjalloh@theafricandreamsl.com WhatsApp: +23276211583