You need to explore Sierra Leone!

The National Flag of Sierra Leone

The Western Media have always potray the negative side of Africa and diverts focus from the sultry and applaudable features and the aura of nature and touristic sanity we enjoy as Africans. Sierra Leone, a small nation located on the Western side of Africa has grown to a much more developed and peaceful nation wholely. Despite the long history of slavery and a dwelling spot for early settlers, Sierra Leone is uniquely unified and diversified with different customs, traditions and beliefs. But guess what?! They coexist and interact with great normalcy and respect. I would like to give you reasons why you must consider making Sierra Leone your exploration destination.

Sierra Leonean Jollof Rice. Photo credit: Renata’s Afrofusion Cuisine

The Food in Sierra Leone is arguably second to none. We have different local cuisines that would take you to the moon and quench your unending craving for good food. The staple food is Rice which could be blended in different styles. Notably, the Jollof Rice which is normally mixed with vegetables, meat or fish with the local dry pepper by far stands out. You can even stroll through in the late evening s and get yourself our locally made “Fry Fry” which is a blend of “Akara” (Flour, Banana), Beans Akara, Pancakes, Sausage, crunchy fried potatoes and so much more. Locally made drinks such as the Ginger Beer could serve as a great refreshment. and a quench to your thirst.

Locally made “Fry Fry”

Part of the reason Sierra Leoneans are healthy could be traced to their diet. It isn’t so classy or inorganic. The organic intake we get is linked with the food we eat. Dishes like Cassava leaves mixed with rice and Potato leaves also mixed with the latter are abreast with high nutritional values and is believed to have medicinal purposes as well. You sure do want to visit, don’t you?

The Tokeh Beach Resort

Sierra Leone is widely notorious for its beaches and relaxation spots. The natural endowment of beaches and unforgettable seaview is part of the reason you may want to visit. The Tokeh Beach for instance has been an hotspot or a getaway location to enter into the dream of paradise and an ambiance of fresh air and locally made seafood. There are also wonderful mountains for sightseeing and hiking. The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary could serve as a wonderful experience of actually seeing real life primates interact and also a good place for your nature studies as well. The feeling is unimaginable and worth remembering.

Nature at its finest

To think that all of these are costly or expensive to access is false. The cost for a tour at the Tacugama Sanctuary is reasonable and affordable compared to the experience of a lifetime. Of course, the beaches are open to foreigners and safe as well. The atmosphere is friendly and accommodating and you will have the chance of meeting and interacting with people from different background.

Smiling faces of Hope and Goodwill

Sierra Leoneans are outrightly happy people. The ability to coexist despite having different political and ethnic affiliation is something to write about. Sierra Leone has 16 ethnic groups. These ethnic groups have different cultural traits and norms but they have uniquely stayed together and use the umbrella of nationalism to the Sierra Leonean course. A Muslim can attend the Sunday service of a Christian neighbor and vice versa. The output of smiles are one which resonates with hope and a Stern belief that Africa would rise again. You might also want to hop in and familiarize with the Sierra Leonean culture.

Consider Sierra Leone as the place to be and your dwelling home. I believe we must all practice the ideology of African Nationalism and see each African country as our own. Visit Sierra Leone! Visit Sierra Leone! Visit Sierra Leone!

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583

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