From A Small Rural Town In Sierra Leone To Becoming A Computer Science Professor At The University of The District of Columbia and The University of Potomac: The Inspiring Story of Professor Mohamed K. Kamara

Professor Mohamed K. Kamara is a Sierra Leonean Professor in Information Technology Security and Assurance and the first Sierra Leonean to develop the Stratford University graduate curriculum in telecommunications. He is the author of three books; The Implications of Internet Usage in Sierra Leone – 2013; The impacts of Cognitive Theory on Human and Computer Science Development – 2016; Securing Critical Infrastructures – 2020Professor Mohamed K. Kamara is currently a computer science lecturer at the University of the District of Columbia and University of Potomac.


Professor Mohamed K. Kamara (Ph.D.) was born in Sierra Leone. His parents were local farmers from the north, who could not send their children to school. Dr. Kamara did not have the opportunity to attend a primary (elementary) school but was able to educate himself through self-reading effort and the help of friends who were attending local schools. After a few years of devoted reading in English and practice in Mathematics, he went to take an admission entrance examination in Mathematics and English at the Ahmadiyya Secondary School – Freetown. Dr. Kamara’s performance in that examination gained him admission to form three (ninth grade). After passing his O’level exams, Dr. Kamara could not afford to go to the university because he could not get a scholarship or pay to cover the cost.

He took his first job as a Road Overseer Learner with the Ministry of Works, Kenema, but returned back to Freetown after one year of service. Three months later, Dr. Kamara was hired and sent to training school by the Post and Telecommunications department. Because of his academic performance at the training school, he was awarded a scholarship to study telecommunications engineering at the Manu River Union Poly Technique where he graduated with a higher technician’s diploma. Dr. Kamara earned his BSc degree in Telecommunications Engineering from Stavanger University – Norway, MSc degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Strayer University – U.S.A, and a Ph.D. degree in IT Security and assurance from Walden University, United States of America. Dr. Kamara was a Computer Science Professor at the American College of Commerce and Technology (ACCT). He came to ACCT with six years of teaching experience from Stratford University, Falls Church U.S.A where he worked as an adjunct professor in the graduate school of computer and information sciences. 


Professor Kamara has several years of hands-on work experience in the IT industry. He worked in all aspects of IT including Security, Consulting, Project Management, and technical delivery. Professor Kamara has deep knowledge and hands-on experience in Researching and analyzing new software modules and hardware devices. Professor Kamara directed the Risk Management practice and was responsible for all research in the areas of IT Security, Regulation and Compliance, and Disaster Preparedness and recovery. Formerly, Professor Kamara worked with IT Management Inc. as a helpdesk technician performing various technical functions, customer support, project management, and consulting activities and it was there that he gained his first exposure to IT Security and Risk Management. Professor Kamara’s IT career began to flourish with Signal Corporation at the National Archive of Records and Administration where he worked as a Support Technician and Operations Planning group and progressed to the role of Senior Planning Analyst with responsibility for all technical storage and security infrastructures.

Professor Mohamed K. Kamara earned his Ph.D. degree in Information Technology Security and Assurance from George Mason University(coursework) and Walden University( dissertation research work) in 2013, MSc. honor’s degree in Computer and Network Technology from Strayer University in 2004 and BSc. honor’s degree from Stavanger University – Norway) in Telecommunications Engineering in 1993. He earned diplomas in electronics, software engineering, computer hardware technology and networking from respectable poly-technique institutions.

Dr. Kamara has over 20 years of teaching experience, both on campus and online with undergraduate and graduate courses in Computer Science, Cyber Security, Information Technology and Mathematics. He is currently an adjunct professor in Computer Science and Math at Webster University since 2017, the University of District of Columbia since 2018, and a full time professor at the University of the Potomac since 2018.

Dr. Kamara was also an adjunct professor at Stratford University graduate school of Computer and Information Sciences from 2006 to 2015. He developed the Stratford University graduate curriculum in telecommunications. He was the Dean of academics for computer science undergraduate at the American College of Commerce and Technology from 2009 to 2017. He became the head of curriculum development, the University Research Reviewer (URR), Chairman of the graduate council, and presided over the accreditation committee for Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET)

In addition to his teaching experience, Professor Kamara has several years of professional hands-on field work experience in the IT industry. He worked in all levels of IT from help desk, network administration and security coordinator to Project Management. He has a deep knowledge and hands-on experience in researching, developing, analyzing and implementing new software modules using Java and hardware design. Professor Mohamed K. Kamara has won several accolades for his work and research including two awards for community building in higher education.


After acquiring such vast knowledge in computer science, IT security systems, and many more, Professor Mohamed K. Kamara has decided to give back to where it all started – Sierra Leone. With over 20 years of teaching and research, Professor Mohamed K. Kamara has succeeded in developing a curriculum in Computer Science at the Fourah Bay College – University of Sierra Leone. Professor Mohamed K. Kamara now teaches Introduction to Python remotely at Fourah Bay College and also provides his expertise in computer science and IT security to help students gain vast knowledge in IT and Computer Science and enable themselves to compete in the world of technology. 

Professor Mohamed K. Kamara’s Research Area are as follow; Wireless and Cloud Computing Dependability and Reliability Crises. Analysis involves the use of Mathematical Modeling, Discrete, Complex Analysis, MATLAB and Java Software Module tools.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583