Future of Africa: 5 Supertalented African Kids To Watch Out For In The Future

How many of the African talents can we count, when on a daily basis many are born across different corners of the continent of Africa. Being one of the largest continents in the world, Africa also homes a greater number of talented
people from different works of life.

The good news about these talents is that majority of them are very young, giving hope for the continent of having successful talented people in the future. In celebrating some of these African talents, this post will highlight five of the super talented kids from Africa. These kids have really made the continent proud both at home and in foreign lands.
In fact, among these kids are the ones who have won lots of awards to their names. Even though there are many other talented African kids yet to be discovered, let’s celebrate the ones I have for you in the meantime.


What a coincidence, because this guy is also a Motorsports Racer and also shares the name Lewis with the great Lewis Hamilton himself. Lewis Appiagyei is a Ghanaian born in the UK, the boy started his Racing Career at a very young age and throughout his years as a kid racer, this boy has earned many awards from different competitions to his name. At the age of 10, Lewis made a Guinness World Record by driving the fastest lap ever on the Laguna Seca Circuit in virtual racing on PlayStation and this record still remains unbeaten to this moment.

After the victory as a virtual racer, Lewis hit the track in real motorsport racing and won the Junior Karting Trophy at the Buckmore Park Kart Circuit. Since then, Lewis has been competing in different tournaments and has won many many awards making him have over 50 trophies and Awards to his name. Lewis has a dream and it’s a big dream. In his words, Lewis wants to become the first African Formula 1 champion, a title which is still very much achievable for him.

In 2018, Lewis made it to the list of 30 under 30 future of Ghana and similarly, he also featured on the 2020 edition of Forbes Africa 30 under 30 at age 17, making him the youngest individual on the list. Even though this young driver is already moving to his adulthood, he made it to the list because he really gave us an amazing experience from his childhood and celebrating such won’t be a bad thing.


Being the youngest on this list but probably the most popular of them all, because who doesn’t know DJ Arch Junior, the boy who won South Africa Got Talent only at the age of three, making him the youngest person ever to win a Talent show in the world. DJ Arch Junior’s wonderful skills were discovered by his father who is also a DJ, according to him, he said he noticed that his son loves music so much and used to play around with his DJ instruments and it was at this time that he discovered the amazing skills of his son and that’s how the journey of the little DJ began.

After the victory in his own country, DJ Arch Junior also competed in two other international talent shows, namely America got talent and Britain got talent, but he was eliminated in both before getting to the finals. In 2017, DJ Arch Junior became the youngest DJ in the world at the age of five, a title given to him by the Guinness World Records.
The title has now been beaten by another younger DJ from Asia.


The boy came into the limelight in 2018, after President Emmanuel Macron tweeted about the portrait drawing of the president made by the young Waris during the visit of the president to Nigeria. Waris is a young Nigerian hyperrealism artist with a great level of excellence. Waris began his drawing career at a very tender age of six and became a professional at the age of nine.

Throughout his years as an artist, Waris has made a great number of arts, including portraits of some notable politicians and celebrities in Nigeria. After the boy went viral, many people all around the world came to know about this tiny boy with excellent artistic works and this earned him love from many people and even received awards
which are the 22nd Taiwan Fervent Global Love Of Lives Award and the 2020 Global Child
Prodigy Award.

In his words, Waris wanted to be like Arinze and Michelangelo, he also said he sees himself and his artworks at a very higher place in the future and that’s amazing of him because having a wonderful experience like this as a kid will surely give him a headstart in making his dream a reality.


Honestly, this list will never be complete without the mention of this boy, because he is definitely a super talented kid boxer from Ghana who has already won thirteen belts to his name. Joseph began his career as a boxer at the age of five, drawing inspiration from his father, who is also a retired professional boxer and also doubled as the coach for his son.

Even though Joseph is an amateur boxer, the potential of this young dude made me to believe that he will surely become a world boxing champion in the future, because at just thirteen, the boy has already won thirteen titles, including the Silver Gloves National Championship that he won both in 2017 and 2018 together with other national titles, all with multiple wins. Joseph is a Ghanaian boxer but lives in the US, the boy has even been regarded as the number one kid boxer in the state of Illinois.

In recognition of his focus and determination in the game, the boy was honoured with a congratulatory belt by the International Boxing Federation in the US. Apart from his boxing career, this boy has also featured in two Hollywood movies, first in Fight in America and the other is The Story of JoJo The Boxer, which is a documentary movie of the
kid boxer himself.


This Kenyan beauty was born in 2005 and began her acrobatics and gymnastics at a very tender age of four. She went viral after a video showing her acrobatic skills surfaced on the internet, the video got likened by many Kenyans and even got the attention of the president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta.

With her talent, this girl has performed for more than three presidents and has performed in many countries including Rwanda, Germany and China. She has also been appointed by UNICEF as the Inspirational and Enthusiastic Young Champion Ambassador.

This list is just a few of the superkids Africa has ever produced. Many have grown to become amazing adults in their own different fields, many are still yet to be discovered, while many are still yet to be born, but even with just these ones mentioned in this post, it’s now very clear how Africa is blessed with lots of aspiring, amazing and talented juniors. So, all Africans both at home and abroad are urged to support and celebrate these young
talents as we await more great things from them in the future.



Author: Muhammed Akorede Olaiya

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