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Inspiring African StoriesHardworking Girl Moulds Blocks, Wash Cars, Plait Hairs to Earn Extra Cash,...

Hardworking Girl Moulds Blocks, Wash Cars, Plait Hairs to Earn Extra Cash, Video of Her Working Goes Viral

An industrious Nigerian lady who moulds blocks to support her parents has wowed the internet after a video of her working on a construction site was shared.

The lady was seen performing the task in a video shared by @prince dstn on TikTok, which has gone viral. When questioned why she undertakes the work that is widely done by men, the lady stated that she does it to supplement the little money her parents provide her for school.

Some of her friends criticised her when she started doing the job, while others encouraged her to start hooking up. The strong woman confessed that she rejected the thought of starting to hook up and instead chose to make money properly.

In the viral clip, the lady moulded one block for people to see how she does it.

@prince dstn gave her the sum of 100,000 Naira as a way of motivating her to continue to strive harder. She burst into tears. Her video was so moving and motivating that hundreds of netizens congratulated her and begged for more blessings from other public-spirited Nigerians.

Watch the video below:


Met a female bricklayer and gave her 100k to support her #maziokeke #nigeriantiktok #fypシ #gofar #prank

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