How an occasional banter led her to create Sierra Leone’s first fashion vlogging company – Meet Flora Davies

Imagine having the motivation to set up an initiative following an argument you had with someone. I’d say these are normal daily banters we usually have with our friends or immediate associates. It may involve a discussion bordering on certain social traits, sport, fashion, or even business. Most of these discussions may refresh our curious and creative minds to explore certain ventures and innovative ideas.

So it was for Flora Davies who had an unquenchable desire for fashion and trends. Born and bred in Sierra Leone, she attained her primary education at the Mereweather Preparatory School, before fulfilling her junior and secondary learning at the Annie Walsh Memorial School and John F. Kennedy School respectively. She is a second-year Software Engineering student.

At the age of 21, Flora Davies, fashionista, is the CEO of a fashion vlogging company called Salone Glad Rags. Part of the many purposes of the company is to interactively enlighten the public and the corporate world on different fashion blends and suitable standards. To know more, click here:

Flora Davies, CEO of Salone Glad Rags


The African Dream caught up with the fashion enthusiast on what situations had her reconsidering the idea to have Sierra Leone’s first vlogging company. She meticulously explained how it all started with a casual debate she had with her friend over the dos and don’ts of suits.

Flora’s friend had uploaded a photo of him in a suit and a smartwatch attached to his wrist to make it look fancier. Unknowing to him, it was an outstanding “don’t” of suits. A startled Flora debated him over the necessary accompaniments that come with suits, specifically targeting the error “that a smartwatch and a suit cannot blend.” Did you know that?!

Unwilling to concede, he directed Flora to a popular YouTuber who is an expert in trendy wear. Guess what? The Youtuber alluded to Flora’s point.

Flora later realized that there was a gap in people accessing the relevant information on what they wear or how they look. After using her WhatsApp status to supply the necessary details of clothing, the honest appeals from her peers to start her own vlogging company eventually drove her to the establishment of Salone Glad Rags.

Here is Salone Glad Rags first debut video on clothing misfits with Flora Davies:

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Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

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