Why Pan Africanism Has To Be Transformed Into Neo-Pan African Ideology

BY AFRICAN REFORMATION INITIATIVE (ARI) – A Neo-Pan African philosophy and school of thought.

Pan-Africanism has become rhetoric to legitimize the authority of dictators in power in Africa today. This can also be seen by words of Malawian economist Thandika Mkandawire stating, One major weakness of Pan-Africanism and Africa’s regional arrangements has been the failure to protect Africans from their homemade tyrants. Pan-Africanism has not been seen on rein enforcing and guaranteeing people’s rights as citizens of their respective nations. Solidary in the name of Pan-Africanism has cast a pall of darkness on horrendous deeds by African dictators from corruption to genocide.

It is also known to be a movement of the African educated bourgeoisie elite that doesn’t concern the interests of ordinary Africans. Kenyan left-wing journalist Philip Ochieng wrote in 1971, “Nor does it matter if the same masses know anything about the movement. Pan Africanism was a movement of a self-interest interested class.

Pan-Africanism is irrelevant for contemporary issues affecting post-colonial Africa, and it is thus “stuck in the past”

It is also known that ideology relies on constructing a “common foe” such as colonialism to maintain its relevance and legitimacy.

The Pan African parliament that acts as the legislative organ of AU has failed to uphold its purpose solidarity and unity of Africa. On 1st June 2021 PAn African parliament aka PAP sat in Midrand south but legislators fought and warned each other over regional divisionism and leadership greed as fights sparked out in the house of assembly.

Pan Africanism has not brought clear ways of uniting the African economy through a common currency from day one of its establishment till today since all transactions are carried out in foreign currency regardless of the African free trade Area agreement. This has proven to African emerging elites that a new movement has to come urgently.

Present-day pan Are full of speeches that provoke the audience to think, “That guy is an eloquent orator” then nothing happens after that.

Everyone today who wants leadership says he/she is a pan Africanist! Imagine somebody being an idiot of pan African ideology then you motivate him or her. That person becomes a motivated idiot. Pan Africanism should start with education so this is a failure of Pan Africanism and its proponents to mention but a few.


Neo-Pan Africanism has begun with education from grassroot, champions grassroot aspirations of African agenda 2063 “The Africa we want” by establishing it’s 7 objectives from African agenda 2063 7 aspirations, tackles Neocolonialism and all it’s agents in Africa today as being religion with international borrowing they has sunk Africa to slavery for centuries a head, involves inventors and Innovators, officialize kiswahili language as the only way for unity, recognizes Pan Africanism as it’s mother though it has failed Africa apart from awakening them without doing anything else, Involves African Diaspora on matters regarding Africa’s development and peace, partners with Governments of African states to make a U-turn towards the Africa the founder father’s intended to see, it got registered in various African states within two years if it’s existence from 12th April 2020 till today as you have known it, Neopan African ideology correlates with the 21st century technology since it’s a philosophy established during digital age, neopan Africanism has established the first if it’s civil society Organization and social movement called African Reformation Initiative (ARI) with objectives;

】Promote peacebuilding and Universal human rights.
】Championing and advocating the core fundamental values of freedom based on Pan Africanism ideals.
】Preserving the environment, national identity and the comprehensive African cultural heritage, inclusive for sustainable development.
】Upgrading education in Africa under the principle of concern for gender equality and consolidating the concept of maximizing returns in the process of comprehensive economic development.
】 Allow achieving a process in the first stage of local development and to localize the advanced technology stage of the local development program.
】To support more formation and rising economically states to reach the common African currency market.
】To stimulate and catalyze the rapid unity of Africa as a nation.


A just, prosperous, cooperative and morally peaceful Africa, driven by its people home and Abroad.


To become a value-adding, capacity building and reformatory movement of already existing human rights and social working institutions, easing conflict resolution and peacebuilding throughout the continent and beyond in collaboration with human rights institutions, African states, global economic organs and the international African Community.

Origin of Pan Africanism and Neo-Pan Africanism concepts.

First, Pan Africanism started far back in the middle of the 19th century at the Africans in the Western Hemisphere as with it’s a major objective to “encourage and strengthen bonds of solidarity between all indigenous and diaspora ethnic groups of Africa” but not to unite as one nation with their popular quote”Africa for Africans. This movement priorly germinated like a seed against slavery and the slave trade during the transatlantic days. Secondly, Neopan Africanism emerged in the early 21st century in the Eastern part of Africa when the famous COVID-19 just started and there was a need to unite Africans mentally to start looking for remedies for their states without looking at the west as their messiah.

Neo-Pan Africanism here comes to appreciate all the works of the founder members and take a stand that Africa to unite, its people must be educated on the principles of Pan Africanism and Neopan Africanism from grass root as a mode to jerk down roots of Neocolonialism and influence to our people making them lose the meaning of Africaniness brotherhood and fraternity. Through some civil society organizations like African Reformation Initiative (ARI), Neopan Africanism concept is being represented both home and in the diaspora we so there welcome everyone inclusive of all African states Government and other organizations of this very course, writers, philosophers, investment societies and intellectual community to mention but a few in your respective capacities with our widely open hands to join our Reformation walk in the journey of phase ii liberation of Africa from the wild beasts (Neocolonizers) who have come in the name of globalization and liberalism to take what belongs to you.

“Neo-Pan Africanism is an enemy of IMF and World Bank”.

We are Neo-Pan Africanism
We are African Reformation Initiative (ARI)

“Together we can for our Motherland”

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: abubakarrjalloh@theafricandreamsl.com WhatsApp: +23276211583