Man Declared Dead Abroad Returns To Nigeria After 5 Years To Find Out That His Wife Has Remarried

His wife remarried Photo Credit: AGF, (Twitter/@VictorIsrael_) Source: Getty Image

A Nigerian family has been thrown into a state of confusion with the return of their long lost son who had been declared missing and dead. The Nigerian man who went missing during a boat trip in Cameroon returned home after 5 years but learnt his wife has remarried. His effort at reuniting with her is not going successful as the woman is not willing to leave her new husband.

According to Victor, his mum’s younger sibling had gone missing during one of his boat trips to Cameroon and after a long period of fruitless search for him, he was declared dead. But quite to the surprise of everyone, he returned home in January 2022. The returnee told his people that he was rescued. However, he would discover that his wife is no longer his and has no intention of returning to him.

Mum’s younger brother got missing during one of his boat trips to Cameroon. He was declared dead after 5 years. Miraculously he returned last month, said he was rescued. Thing is, his wife already remarried & she’s saying she cant leave her new husband. Omo Everybody just confuse, said Victor



Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

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