Meet Shepherd M Nyambe: Africa’s Young Rising Scientist

Shepherd M Nyambe is a 20-years-old Namibian scientist, inventor, innovator, Founder and director of ShepThyGuru Initiative, winner of the Covid-19 Creativity Challenge by United Nations Development Program: Accelerator Labs (UNDP), author, and poet. He is recognized as Africa’s Young Rising Scientist in 2020

Shepherd M Nyambe was born on 25th April 2001 in Namibia, Rural Katima, Zambezi region, a bordering province to Zambia. Shepherd M Nyambe grew up loving science. As a child, Shepherd loved playing outside so he decided to build his playground that looked like a kid’s park. He spent most of his daytime in his own kid’s park, and sometimes absconding classes just to come to play which led to most people labelling him as an abnormal but intelligent child.

Shepherd M Nyambe was raised by a single mother and his only sibling, his younger sister, together with several cousins. In 2013, he went to Mwandi Boarding Secondary School, now called Ilute Yeta Secondary School, in Zambia where he spent three years before coming back to Namibia and continued his education at Mbalasinte Combined School in 2016. In 2017, he went to Caprivi Senior Secondary School. He completed his secondary school in Caprivi Senior School in 2018.

He is currently doing a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Information Management at Botho University, Namibian Campus, and also a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry with Applied BIOMEDICAL at the University of Namibia. He obtained certificates in short courses to acquire managing and leading skills. He holds a certificate in Introduction to ICCAN, Certificate in Project Management, Certificate in Strategic Thinking, Certificate in Business Management Foundations and many more from LinkedIn Learning Academy.

In 2014, Shepherd M Nyambe made a very tricky observation with how they were consuming electricity in their home. With that observation, he started making some inner research and experiments on what was causing electricity not to finish fast during summer. Shepherd M Nyambe then came up with the conclusion that it was a fan that was causing the change. He then developed a model with the title “The importance of a fan in an Electricity circuit”. Curious Shepherd didn’t stop there, he started having questions as to what was so special in a fan that was causing the Electricity prepaid units not to move fast. After a series of thorough research, he concluded by creating a theory that he titled “The fan theory”. With the findings he had, he started working on developing a model that would show how we were going to use this finding in saving electrical energy at high levels. In 2017, he finally came up with the idea “The Shepherd Energy Saver”.

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Shepherd M Nyambe

He attempted to patent The Shepherd Energy Saver with Montgomery Patent and Services, For Sale By Inventor and obtained an Official Record of Invention (USA). But unfortunately, due to a lack of investors, he failed to go further with the process of patenting.

Towards the end of 2017, a story of Shepherd M Nyambe was published by the Namibian newspaper on the 21st November 2017 with the headline “Young Scientist seeks funding for Invention”. Shepherd was fortunate to have an investor, but his mother did not like the terms and conditions tabled before them – they refused to sign the surety form. This led to his patent application expiring. In 2020, Shepherd M Nyambe filed for another patent with Davison Patents in the United States, which is currently working on the invention. Upon realization of how creators, inventors, innovators and developers suffer in getting their ideas to implementing phase, he came up with the idea of creating a non-profit organization to intervene in the discovering of innovators and the patenting of their ideas.

In September 2020, he founded the ShepThyGuru Initiative. He started advocating for young inventors and innovators. He planned to launch the initiative and the first national science lecture in Namibia, but unfortunately, the event could not take place due to Covid-19 regulations. The Organization is set to be officially launched before the end of 2021 and the planned first activities are those such as linking with targeted partners such as UNDP- Accelerator labs, build a team that will go on a survey to find Innovative ideas and developers then sign them with our Organization thereafter linking them with partners and investors that work in the area of their discoveries.

‘’We have also a plan of an inner scientific study that will be led by the Director (Shepherd) and a team that will focus on concluding Steven Hawking’s Theory of Everything. The Organization aims to simplify the process of idea handling and make the path easier for developers.

With the recognition of the change, I am pushing for in the scientific arena and my dream for African Science Advancement and Recognition I got selected by One Young World Summit to be part of the 190 delegates at the summit that is going to be hosted in Munich, Germany from 22 to 25 July 2021.

Shepherd M Nyambe told The African Dream

Shepherd M Nyambe

World Leader Summit to be attended by Shepherd M Nyambe

Shepherd M Nyambe is one of Africa’s most talented innovators and inventors. Through his exceptional work, he has won several awards certificates in his home country Namibia. He won the Best Learner in Mathematics in JSC exams of Namibia 2016, the Best student of Ngoma Circuit in the JCS exams 2016, Second Best Learner in NSSC Higher level exams in Zambezi Region 2018. In 2020, he was recognized as one of the uprising Young Scientists in Namibia by TechHub, he is the winner of the Covid-19 Creativity Challenge by UNDP, 2020.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583