Migrants – Poem By Ella Llewelyn Jones

Waves of migrants

Washed up by the tide

Of poverty

Swimming in from far and wide

To catch the debris falling from the landslide

Of prosperity.

Swelling up the sea

of Western hatred

The oceans’ new inhabitants

A fleece of migrants

Whaled on, loathed, despised.

Clinging on to the flimsy


Of life

In perilous journeys

laden with strife

Clawing on the seabed

of yearning


For pastures green

where the fruits of labour

yield joys unforeseen

A move, to move life’s mountains

To grasp the cup of wealth and sip its contents



Swimming into death’s door

Clutching at straws to reach the shore

Of hope

But dreams like sandcastles

Crumble into dust

A life forever cursed

Migrants marred by hateful slurs

That run deep like fossils

Buried in the frosty sand

Of a cold unwelcoming land

Where suspicions

Where divisions

Fed by xenophobia

Reincarnate you into object of fear.

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