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People That Inspire MagazinePeople That Inspire Magazine released January edition featuring inspiring African stories and...

People That Inspire Magazine released January edition featuring inspiring African stories and culture

People That Inspire Magazine, an African magazine based in Sierra Leone, West Africa, has released its January 2022 edition featuring inspiring African stories and culture. The magazine, started by a young Sierra Leonean named Brian Karnue who currently serves as the the Editor-in-Chief, in September 2021 is, arguably one of the best magazines in the Sub-region.

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January 2022 edition features Olivia Yace, Miss World Ivory Coast, top African-American model Alton Mason, Miriam Makeba, Africa’s first Grammy Award winner, and many more amazing Africans.

The magazine’s main focus is to tell the stories of Africa’s change-makers, top models, fashionistas, entertainers, and many more. Africa, the world’s most diverse continent with its intriguing tribes and traditions, spreads across the northern and southern hemispheres, with eye-catching landscapes embed in serenity. Every month, the magazine go through the length and breadth to bring to its audience inspiring and compelling African stories from all region of the continent.

This year, to establish the African unity and love, the People That Inspire Magazine partner with one of Africa’s leading media platform, The African Dream. The partnership is to creates an enabling social platform that showcases amazing and inspiring African stories and history.

Africa is our main and primary focus, we tend to Inspire our young generation and also paving the way for our future generations. Our philosophy is that Africans need eachother to grow. We focus mainly on fashion, entertainment, environment, nature, culture, and travel.

People That Inspire Magazine, is currently on it’s rebranding process, we want to be more than a magazine. We want to be the face of Sierra Leone and Africa as large. With a team of skilled professionals, we always thrive for the best and the best only

-Brian Karnue, Founder and Editor-in-chief

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