Redefining Exiguity: Grand P must inspire you!

You may know him as the diminutive social media influencer or the frequent center of gossip by trolls; but there is more to Grand P’s identity than meets the eye. Be inspired!

Born Moussa Sandiana Kaba, Grand P is a popular Guinean singer, actor, social media personality, and politician. He was raised in Sanguiana, Nabaya, Guinea. Grand P was born with a rare genetic disease known as progeria. This means he starts aging right from birth. This health condition also limits his height to two meters. However, that has not dwindle Grand P’s hopes of being successful and widely loved and respected.

How? Let’s proceed.

The 28 year old is highly popular with a Facebook following of 5 million. Though born with an extraordinary physique, Grand P remains one of the richest and most successful music artists in Guinea. A national icon, Grand P was part of the delegation which represented and cheered on Guinea in Cairo for the Africa Cup of Nations. This and many public appearances contributed to his elevation and success in music.

On 2nd October 2020, Grand P celebrated the Guinean independence day by releasing a song titled “Indépendance”. His album is titled “I khadi nanna”. Some of his singles include “Grand P Barana”, “Syli”. In 2019, he had a successful music collaboration with Sidiki Diabité in a single titled “Irhafama”.


Grand P’s political career is hardly mentioned. Not withstanding, Grand P is an ambitious politician. In 2020, Grand P announced on his Facebook page that he will be running for president. He will do so by establishing a political party called Amour Consideration et Unite- “Love, Consideration, and Unity”. Weeks later, the now deposed Alpha Conde filed in for a third term.

Grand P and Fiancée

Grand P is in a romantic relationship with Eudoxie Yao. They got engaged in 2020. The couple has been persistently trolled on media for their differences in size or physical structure. Yao has however maintained that size insignificant with love. Yao has been supportive of Grand P to an extent of even volunteering to be his campaign manager. Yao is also a politician and aspires to be the President of Ivory Coast.

Physical deficiency or circumstances must not weigh you down. Grand P, despite being exiguous, is far more bigger and successful in his art. He has successfully defined himself to something much more gigantic.


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