Sierra Leone’s Political drama Series ‘Bormeh’ Set to premiere Summer 2024 in Europe, USA, the UK, Canada, and Australia

By: Sallu Kamuskay

Executive Producers of the Bormeh Series, Dr. Isatu Kakay-Diallo, Fatu Formeh Kamara, and Idrissa Barry Jalloh has on the 4th January this year, announced the premiering of a highly Political drama Series titled Bormeh in Summer 2024 in Europe, United States of America, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

The highly Sierra Leonean political drama series Bormeh is presented by the KID-AFAN FILMS and SIERRAFLIXX. The series will offer a peek behind the curtain of Sierra Leone’s most anticipated cinematic masterpiece: “The Bormeh Series.”

On set shooting Bomeh Series

This blockbuster political drama, led by the incomparable Christiana Kamara as the enigmatic First Lady of the Republic, Mrs. Antonia Wright a fictional character, who has ties to the underworld, thirsty to maintain power with a dark past that loom around her future in a new Television series titled BORMEH(The Dark Credle).

The Series is also led by John Yemi Ade-Coker and Seray Timbo, promises a rollercoaster ride of suspense, intrigue, and dark revelations while under covering the the story of the terrible and arcane mysteries that lurk behind the functioning of a dumpsite at the heart of the Sierra Leone capital (Freetown).

Cameraman shooting a scene in Bormeh Dumpsite

The highly anticipated Bormeh Series features the struggles of slum dwellers to the insidious grip of corruption and violence, every aspect of Sierra Leonean society is laid bare in this unflinching portrayal.

Speaking to one of the Executive Producers of the Barmen Series, Dr. Isatu Kakay-Diallo, she reveals to Salone Messenger that the series seeks to address real issues faced by Sierra Leoneans “It is a breathtaking and contemporary cinema portraying creative minds in Sierra Leone.

The Bormeh project is a story that addresses real-life issues in society through storytelling as one of my visions for change and development in a country like Sierra Leone.” She noted.

Actors on set

Director, Producer, Executive Producer and Cinematographer Idrissa Barry Jalloh told Salone Messenger that the political drama thriller also feature recent contemporary issues in Sierra Leone noting that for him as filmmaker is to use his knowledge to talk about these social issues.

“From people in the Bormeh slum communities who rose from grass to grace, less privilege from the slum communities, the Kush pandemic the struggle and pollution faced by people living in Bormeh we wanted to tell an authentic Sierra Leonean story that resonates with the people hereby drawing attention to certain socio economic issues affecting us in the country,” Director, Producer, Executive Producer and Cinematographer Idrissa Barry Jalloh told Salone Messenger.

This extraordinary series is slated for Premiering across Europe, America, the UK, Canada, and Australia, marking a significant moment in Sierra Leonean film history.

The “Bormeh Series” stands as a testament to the richness of Sierra Leonean storytelling, cinematography, and artistic brilliance.

With a unique narrative, captivating characters, and breathtaking cinematography, the series promises to captivate audiences across continents, offering a fresh and compelling perspective on storytelling.

Directed with finesse by the dynamic duo of Chernor Kargbo (Stone) and Idrissa Barry Jalloh, and penned by the brilliant Chernor Kargbo(Stone) himself, “The Bormeh Series” transcends mere entertainment; it’s a bold exploration of the gritty realities of life in Sierra Leone.

From the sinister machinations of THE TOP to the ravaging scourge of the Kush drug pandemic, every episode pulls on punches, exposing the raw truths lurking beneath the surface of Freetown.

The journey of “Bormeh Series” to the global audience will represents a paradigm shift, opening doors for Sierra Leonean filmmakers to shine on the international stage. It is not just a film release; it’s a statement of cultural exchange, fostering understanding and appreciation for the artistry and narratives emerging from Sierra Leone.

The release of “Bormeh Series” in Europe, America, the UK, Canada, and Australia signifies a breakthrough moment, inviting audiences worldwide to witness the creativity and brilliance of Sierra Leonean cinema.

As the first film series from Sierra Leone to achieve this milestone, it will sets a precedent for future projects and opens a gateway for more diverse cinematic representations from the African continent.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: WhatsApp: +23276211583

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