The Inspiring Story of Ardop Fest – Where Showbiz Meets Philanthropy In Sierra Leone

Adop Fest

Ardop Fest is one of the biggest shows in Sierra Leone. What started so funky and casual has been a source of entertainment to many young people and a vital solution to the problems of the needy and the less privileged.

Joel Tommy Conteh pioneered Adop Fest. “The festival is a product of a shared vision among individuals who are deeply invested in promoting culture, music, and social responsibility. It was a funny idea that came to reality,” Joel stated. 

What makes the entire concept of Adop Fest unique is that it is the only entertainment event in the country that gives more than 50 per cent of its proceeds to charity.

In literal terms, the Creole word “Ardop” is the state of being without money. Therefore, the Ardop Festival was born out of the need to create an inclusive entertainment event involving every society cadre.

Speaking with a forerunner of the event, Joel Tommy Conteh stated that the festival is meant to bring people together to showcase the cultural richness of Sierra Leone.

Adop Fest Organizers Donating Food To Street Beggars In Freetown

“The vision was to establish an event that could bring people together, showcase the cultural richness of Sierra Leone, and make a positive impact on the lives of the less privileged. And especially for those who cannot afford to pay huge sums for a ticket fee to attend a festival,” Joel told The African Dream. 

Joel had a specific purpose of how they wanted their brand to be distinct. One way is to have the entire franchise sail past the conventional and usual ways of doing shows in Sierra Leone.

While contributing to the socio-cultural aspects of the entertainment industry, we hardly see shows give half of their profits to the less privileged.

Joel stated, “By combining the joy of music and entertainment with a commitment to supporting the less fortunate, Ardop Fest sets itself apart as an event with a purpose and a positive impact on both the local community (deprived) and the country’s image.”

Adop Fest
Adop Fest 1.0 In 2023

Walking on a twofold mantra of entertainment and philanthropy, the festival serves as a means to raise funds that are then used to support the less privileged citizens in the streets of Freetown.

People should attend Ardop Fest not only for the electrifying entertainment and celebration of local culture but also for the opportunity to be part of a meaningful and impactful cause. By attending the festival, individuals contribute to the philanthropic mission of Ardop Fest, supporting the less privileged in the streets of Freetown. Additionally, the festival offers a unique experience that fosters unity, inclusivity, and a shared celebration of the rich heritage of Sierra Leone.

Joel Tommy Conteh

What this signifies is that by buying a ticket, you have bought bread or clothes for a destitute in good faith. “The goal is to bring joy to people’s lives through entertainment while making a tangible and positive difference in the community.”

The proceeds from last year’s Adop Fest event provided food items for over 500 less-privileged people on the streets of Freetown. The logistical assistance was to support those in need with the ambition of making positive impacts on their lives.

Adop Fest
Adop Fest Pioneer Joel And His Team Donating NLE500 To A Colleague Student Who Needed Medical Support

Joel and his team also donated the sum of 500 New Leones ($25)  to the medical fee of a Mass Communication Student at FBC who was at the time in a very crucial condition and needed help to pay for his medical bill. 

The driving force and adrenaline of Ardop Fest are dedicated and focused university students. Their passion and commitment are what have contributed to the continual growth of the franchise.

According to Joel, this year’s donation target is to outclass the previous year. As such, you can put in for the Ardop Fest merchandise at NLE 150 and ticket at NLE 40.

Ardop Fest 2.0 is poised to be entertaining and electrifying as top Sierra Leonean acts will be on stage to set it ablaze with their most trending songs. This year’s festival is scheduled for the 3rd of February at Monjasa Park, Murray Town, Freetown.

For ticket and enquiries call or WhatsApp: +23299495691

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

Delvid Stanley-Coker is a dedicated writer and editor for The African Dream. His passion and desire to publicize the appreciable department of Africa and voice out the prevalent ills of society have adequately contributed to the promulgation of stories of different sorts. Email: WhatsApp: +23276737886 Facebook: Delvid Stanley-Coker.

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