Last week I have written about Narcissism in African homes but I want to write on this article too so that many of you should get a clear picture of what Narcissism is. This article is not to attack people. It is to be used to awaken and bring people into the light so that they must be at peace. Normally peace for me is everything before materialism, under peace, you can think clearly and speak the things that make sense. I hope you will all understand this article as we dive deeper into our awakening journey by healing ourselves purifying ourselves

Oppression is never a good thing, especially when you are using that to awaken those around you. Our job as the woke nation is to spread light. We should commit and live according to our Godly Mission. Our job is to send light and love to those who are lost. Being woke is never about cursing the other person for not believing in your conscious state. Being woke is never about being in useless and endless debates for trying to convince the ones who are under the religious and educational psychosis to be on your side. Our job is to spread love and positivity not hate. Then if we spread hate, what is the point of being woke. Your consciousness is awakened when one learns how to open and fully operate in their chakras but this term has been misused by many, just to fit in and excludes others from the group consciousness because they regard themselves higher than others.

Wokeness was never about suppressing others’ opinions just because you know better. You are supposed to elevate those who are in the lower conscious state to their higher self. You are a Master Teacher, not the Oppressor. But nowadays it is all different, ever since my awakening journey for three years, it was so hard for me, to an extent I wished it was easy though it wasn’t, the thought of deprogramming myself and at times it led me to attack those who are not on my conscious state because I dearly care about them and their safety. I would often put myself in a box through Africanism without understanding the clearer picture of what spiritualism is about because I was also in the matrix. I was a hypocrite just like other woke people out there. Who would preach about the wrong things of this world yet they are very same ones that do those things behind the scenes; where nobody knows till one gets to know them in real life than the picture of the screens. I am not saying I am perfect as I do have my own mistakes through this awakening journey but my main mission is to spread the message across the world on what narcissism is really about. It never only exists only in personal spaces but in public spaces as well, especially in the media, which is the platform many would use to seek validation from others. Where we see many people will seek attention and fame from their brokenness, whether they are awakened or not. It is said that many of those who claim to be woke is unfortunately no different from Narcissists.

Many so-called woke people start to associate themselves with religion like those who are deeply programmed under a religious psychosis-like Christianity and Islam. It is saddening that the name spiritualism has been religioulised for unnecessary reasons that many of those who are brainwashed in the matrix cannot even try to listen to them due to their arrogant behaviour.

The more we do this to others, the more we bring it to ourselves because those who are under the psychosis are the mirrors of ourselves, yet we are too quick to blame them instead of looking for the plank inside of our eyes. I understand the anger you have towards those who are in the system. Who sell hopes that the system will help us. Who fully supports the system without them realising that is very wrong. Those people do it because they are under a very demonic spirit which we can call manipulation and control by the Elites, but your job was to pray for them, wish good upon them and love them regardless of their behaviour. You are the Master teacher you are supposed to know this.

This is the most sensitive topic that is hardly addressed about us as the Woke. The woke nation is such a beautiful nation that it has the power to change and positively impact the world. We know the ins and outs of the matrix. We have a higher sense of intuition than anyone else around us. Most of us are diving deep into spiritualism, which is what is needed in this world. But the deeper explanation of what weakness is about fixing your shadow, maintaining your purity through your heart, soul and mind. It is never about reading tons and tons of books and watching historical and recent documentaries that strengthen your knowledge. Those are simply cherries on top of your cake. It is about finding your true source of information through your First eye. Though on this day of the lifting of the veil, the woke, seem to be like those who are under the psychosis of the matrix because they mix in beliefs that do not benefit them and the society. They make decisions that are not good for them and the people around them. Many of them they are doing so to protect their brokenness than focusing on healing themselves first before they help others. To be truly speaking, regarding their actions, it is all about Ego. Probably they started to share their enlightenment with a good intention to awaken others but as time went by, they truly forgot themselves and start focusing on feeding their ego through the validation of people. I truly feel the pain of their followers because they do not use their intuition to spot their supposed “role model” is doing more damage than fixing their mindsets. It is sad how followers praise and worship them due to the false narrative they have been sold into because their “role model’s” false idea is truly matching with theirs, instead of using their intuition to spot that person’s heart, soul and mind they using it to gain the knowledge he/she gives. We live in a very strange world. It is very good if we use our First eye before following people on these media platforms especially not knowing the spiritual possession the role model has. Not all those that claim to be woke are a spiritually close area that is being used by dark spirits to win the souls of others to genuinely become like them.

This term “weakness” has been misused for unnecessary reasons where we see most media platforms will be used to present it in a very negative way. We would see many platforms presenting woke people excluding those who are under religious and educational psychosis to have a say. We would see cases where people would engage in dangerous activities to attack those who are not on the same level of their consciousness. Some will perform rituals and call themselves “woke” without working within themselves. We also see people using these platforms for fame and material gain where they have truly lost their big sense of consciousness all because of this physical world.

Truly this term has turned into a big joke. It is all fun and games and never about seriousness anymore. It is okay to distance from those who are not at the level of consciousnesses as you are trying to protect yourself from being contaminated spiritually, mentally or emotionally, it is good to protect your energy but never good to use it to attack others as it blocks you from obtaining a highest spiritual growth or even your ascension to the next dimension to be on a higher hierarchy or to be the Master Teacher. I understand that the people who are under religious and educational psychosis tend to oppress their views onto you, thinking they are more enlightened than you but you are Chosen to be a Master not to be an Oppressor. It is no use to attack them, especially you only have the powers, gifts and talents to teach and build, only when they are ready to learn, if they are not ready to wake up, leave them peacefully with their consciousness. The teacher will be available when the student is ready

Claiming to be woke while you do not have patience with others is complete nonsense for me. Why claim woke while you do not know very easily that Deprogramming is never an easy game. The emotions, conscious and spiritual state. It is not easy because people pass through different stages when they go through their awakening process, sometimes because of their ancestry. Do you know some ancestors would require others to do certain things for them and their family in a certain way, even when it seems Europeanised/ “too mixed in the matrix”? It is because the ancestors themselves are also trying to find themselves as they are guiding that particular person. We cannot practice one tradition or do the same ritual just because it benefited us. Hence I wrote another article two weeks ago about culture (IT IS DEEPER THAN MY CULTURE) go and check it out.

This way for some people, the awakening takes months and others years. So we should be patient and understand that we are on the verge of fixing the world into a better place yet it can take a while for our project to be finished. Same with Deprogramming is never easy because the world has been so much on bondage and slavery mindset for a long time.


• Cognitive Dissonance

People in this stage will deny the truth of this world. They will be willing to learn but still run back to their old ways of thinking and doing because they have not fully discovered themselves. They tend to fit in the societal old backwards ways because the truth is new to them due to lie they have been told for a long time that has been embraced as the truth

• Anger, Disappointment, Depression and Anxiety

This stage is where people have truly found the truth of this world but they are very angry, they tend to attack those who are still in the matrix(this is where we see the woke people coming in). They also tend to be suicidal when they go through this stage. This stage also proves people are often are going through family/ societal challenges e.g. family being against them, not listening to them and their complaints, old friends, fading away for a space of being alone till new friends come in, mostly spending time alone and finding themselves. Some even binge spend on unwanted things, eat a lot of unhealthy food, drink or smoke a lot to calm their nervousness down

• Self In-tuning stage

This is the stage where you have completely found yourself. You know yourself, your purpose and your mission. You are happy both spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You can see that everything and everyone is interconnected with you. You love yourself more and do not focus on seeking validation whether people around you like it or not. You are at peace with everything and able to understand that everything that happened in your life was for a reason

Being woke is a very beautiful thing only when is used to cater for humanity and save Mother Earth. We shouldn’t misuse our authority as it will hinder the world to receive the awakening. Let us turn to be the best and highest version of ourselves. Let us bring the good human aura in place to cleanse the world with the Divine

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

Abu Bakarr Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean content writer, author, Neo Pan-African and founder of The African Dream, an online platform for inspiring, positive and compelling African stories. Contact: abubakarrjalloh@theafricandreamsl.com WhatsApp: +23276211583