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ExclusiveCongratulations: Rosie Lee Graham celebrates 104th birthday

Congratulations: Rosie Lee Graham celebrates 104th birthday

Rosie Lee Graham of Timmonsville, United States celebrated her 104th birthday this month with her family, friends and fellow church members.

Her son, Arthur Graham, said his mother was born on Oct. 1, 1918, in Darlington County.

He said she has six children.

Graham said his mother is still able to live at home with the help of some caretakers, including her son and daughter.

Her fellow church members at Mount Tabor Community Church describe Graham as a great woman of faith and feel honored to know her.

Graham said his mother has been a member of the church for more than 50 years and she looks forward to going on days when she feels good.

He added his mother has been an awesome parent and they are thankful she’s able to celebrate her 104th birthday.

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