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SportsDidier Drogba's Dream of Becoming President of Ivory Coast Football Federation Comes...

Didier Drogba’s Dream of Becoming President of Ivory Coast Football Federation Comes To An End As Businessman Idris Diallo Won The Race

In what many outsiders and non-Ivorians saw as an easy walkover for the country’s legend Didier Drogba, the outcome was far from expectations.

On Saturday, Idriss Diallo, a popular Businessman of reputable notation, was elected head of the Ivorian Football Federation (FIF). The election was held in the country’s capital of Yamoussoukro.

It never looked like Drogba was chanced to be the favorite as he was dominantly overtaken in the first round. He had collected only 21 votes out of 130. The foremost contenders were Sory Diabate, an executive member of the institution, and Idriss Diallo, a senior FIF official in the 2000s. Mr. Diallo received 63 votes against 61 votes belonging to Diabate.

“Mr. Idriss Diallo is elected president of FIF for the next four years,” declared the president of the session, Mariam Dao Gabala, after the counting.

An excited and respectful Diallo had this to say:” I would like to congratulate Didier (Drogba) who dared to enter this race and who has made this election more than popular beyond our borders.” He further promised to lead the country’s football body in fairness.

“The elections went well, I congratulate the new president for his election,” the Chelsea great said after the polls.

Drogba has faced criticism in recent weeks over what many Ivorians perceive to be his ill knowledge of the country’s local soccer and having been complacent in his campaigning. Many believe it wasn’t sufficiently done.

This election may put an end to the inadequacies of proper governance within FIF.

It was on many occasions postponed since 2020 due to systemic anomalies relating to the sponsorship of candidates that had then blocked the candidacy of Didier Drogba.

Diallo will have to appoint a new national head coach for the task of restoring Ivorian soccer to its initial glory. He was a former leader of the largest national club Asec Mimosas from 1984 to 1998.

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