Hello Africans, God will not help you Part 2 – Israel Goodnews Balogun


When your children were dying of malaria, Chicken pox, Meningitis, measles, did God stop it through prayer and fasting or miracle? NO!

Who did he send? Scientists who research and discovered already given solutions hidden in nature and herbs for these sicknesses, if any child dies of any of these sicknesses today it’s because they neglected the solutions.

Since bandit has taken over our land has God stopped them from adopting or k*lling people despite the level of prayer and fasting we made? NO!

Our nation is under the siege of the political cabal who has taken over our national resources for personal gain, did God k*ll them? NO!

Many innocent souls have d*ed through an accident in this country, many of whom are coming from powerful religious programs, many even pray before they leave the park, did God save them? NO!

I can continue mentioning various challenges facing our nation in all areas of life yet God has not helped us. but WHY IS GOD NOT HELPING US?

You wondered why He did not help us? Because it’s never his responsibility to fix them, who among you will provide food, shelter, everything needful to live for your 18year and above child and he/she continues to call on you to cook this food for him/her, would you take over that duty when he is not sick?

Who among you will pay for your ward’s educational needs and the child still want you to come and seat for him/her on examination day? Friends, the truth is God will not help us because He has done His part.

Let me stop here today and we shall continue to explain this tomorrow before then don’t forget to share and follow me on all platforms of Wholeness Africa Initiatives.

I am Israel G Balogun, for the love of God, Church and street children I live.

Author: Delvid Stanley-Coker

Delvid Stanley-Coker is a dedicated writer and editor for The African Dream. His passion and desire to publicize the appreciable department of Africa and voice out the prevalent ills of society have adequately contributed to the promulgation of stories of different sorts. Email: stanleycokerdelvid@gmail.com. WhatsApp: +23276737886 Facebook: Delvid Stanley-Coker.