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ExclusiveHello Africans, God will not help you! Part 1 - Israel Goodnews...

Hello Africans, God will not help you! Part 1 – Israel Goodnews Balogun

One of Nigeria’s most popular critics on the ills of faith and its contradictions and misrepresentation weighs in on the continual social challenges bothering the continent and its people. For a continent so religious and leaning towards God, the Life Coach, Producer, Behavioral Rehabilitator, Public Speaker, Media Influencer, and Street Children Advocator sends a word. He is a strong believer of Christianity.


This continent has been placed in darkness for ages due to false beliefs, you and I still think if God didn’t help we can’t find help, hear me friends God will not help us.

God doesn’t need to help us because he has done His part, it’s left to you and I to either take advance of His provisions or we remain poor forever, what did God do for us that made me say he doesn’t need to help us again?

All that we need to meet our needs have been given
1. Human brain
2. Soil and rocks
3. Plants
4. Sea and river
5. Sun and moon
6. Firmament and space
7. Time

With these, the earth was built and developed, tell me one product you have today including the cloth on you right now that is not coming from these things stated above, has God sent anything to us from heaven since he gave us these things? No ooo.

Hello friends, don’t be deceived God is not coming to help us, HE HAS HELPED US ALL.

In my next video and articles, I will show you how other nations built their society without calling on God…

I am Israel G. Balogun for the sake of God, the Church, and street children I live.

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