Four Nigerian Students Bag Cambridge Learners’ Awards

Four Nigerian students; Mfonmma-Abasi Okon Bassey, Daniel Chiemelie Anohu, Khalidah Fatume Amal Doyinsola Usman and Ain Sufiya Binti Mohd Iqbal have emerged as winners of the Cambridge Learners’ Awards in the United Kingdom.

The four prodigies are students of the Regent Secondary School, Abuja, Nigeria. The students emerged as the top students in four different categories.

The Cambridge Learners’ Awards are organized every year by the British Council and Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Mfonmma-Abasi Okon Bassey received the Top In Nigeria award in the IGCSE category for Art & Design, Khalidah Fatume Amal Doyinsola Usman received the Top In Nigeria award in the History IGCSE category, while Daniel Chiemelie Anohu was awarded Top In Nigeria in the Environmental Management IGCSE category and Ain Sufiya Binti Mohd Iqbal received the High Achievement award in the Cambridge International AS Level Category.

The school extends its congratulations to the students in a statement issued two days ago.

“The Regent Secondary School congratulates these outstanding students on their incredible achievements,” the statement read.

The school also stated that the awards have shown that they are committed in ensuring that students receive the best education possible and it’s a testament to the school’s unwavering dedication, hard work, and desire to excel in the field of academia.

“The Regent Secondary School is proud to have played a role in supporting these students in their academic journey, and it looks forward to continuing to provide quality education to produce well-rounded leaders who excel both academically and beyond. The school acknowledges the initiatives of the British Council for creating a platform for recognising achievements and encouragement of the upcoming learners to excel in whatever they do.”

The Regent Secondary School statement

Since 2016, The Regent Secondary School have received top international awards from various international competitions.

Some of the other awards received by The Regent Secondary School in the course of the years were the Overall Best Across Eight Subjects in Nigeria, Overall Best Across four AS Subjects, Overall Best Across three A Level Subjects and Best in the World Awards.

Author: Abu Bakarr Jalloh

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