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Top 50 Most Interesting Facts About Africa You Should Know

Here are the Top 50 Most Interesting Facts About Africa you should know

Meet Cheikh Mbacke Thiam: The Senegalese man using home materials to make Afro-style sneakers

Cheikh Mbacke Thiam is a Senegalese entrepreneur and innovator. He is famous and known for his handmade local Afro-style sneakers made from household materials.

Software Developer Samuel Ayo Adepoju Has Created A Website ‘Leones Converter’ That Easily Convert The Old Leone To New Leone

Yesterday, the Government of Sierra Leone officially launched the New Leones currency after redenomination of the old Leones by removing the three zeros. But many Sierra Leoneans are confused in using the new Leone.

Are you confused by the New Leone? Are you finding it difficult to convert the Old Leone to the New Leone? Well, worry no more! Samuel Ayo Adepoju, a computer programmer and software developer has developed a website called Leones Converter to help you understand the new Leone better by converting the old currency to the new currency within a second.

The Leones Converter website can correctly convert the old Leone to the new Leone in a second. All you need to do is to input the value of Leones you want to convert and its automated system will do the conversion. It’s simple, easy, reliable, accurate, and very fast. The website can also do the reverse by converting the New Leone to the Old Leone

The African Dream caught up with the developer of the Leone Converter, Samuel Ayo Adepoju who is a Software Developer and has a knowledge of six programming languages. Samuel Ayo Adepoju is a graduate of the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) – the University of Sierra Leone, where he studied Information Technology. Samuel has been involved in various freelance projects like USSD Development to connect Farmers to Sellers, E-Learning Application currently in use by Liccsal Business College, and WhatsApp Bot Aggregator that sends news, Krio proverbs and information to people but unfortunately he discontinued it due to financial constraints.

When asked by The African Dream what inspired him to develop the Leone Converter website, he said: “I was inspired to create the Leones Converter Website whilst having a discussion with my brother the night before July 1st I currently work at UBA BANK Sierra Leone as their software developer and I had previously seen people make gross mistakes whilst trying to convert to the new leones from the old one, most people even go ahead to argue about it, so I worked overnight in creating a website that will aid people with the new Leone transition”

Samuel told The African Dream that he has more amazing features to add to the website and that he’s also working on the app for easy access and usage. He added that, “I have more features to add to it, like WhatsApp bot for people who are are not too techie but can access WhatsApp and also an app for both android and iOS so that people would not have to keep typing the web address each time.”

Samuel told The African Dream he want to help Sierra Leoneans with their daily needs using techn, “All I want to do is create platforms that will help people with their daily needs in Sierra Leone. I am already working on a few which will be launched very soon in Sierra Leone.” The young tech entrepreneur is currently working for United Bank Africa as a Software Developer.




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Top 50 Most Interesting Facts About Africa You Should Know

Here are the Top 50 Most Interesting Facts About Africa you should know

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